Where? – 8 – Man-made Landmarks

There are hundreds of places I could choose from for this category, but Edinburgh Castle is clearly in Edinburgh and Coventry Cathedral in Coventry, so I have chosen some notable man-made landmarks where the location is not obviously in the name.

Print out a blank outline map.  You can use the one below.

The best way to learn where things are is to put them on a map, but if I just give you a completed map, that won’t help much, so grab a blank map and a pencil, and find somebody for a bit of competition.

For each landmark, put a small circle where you think it is and write the name next to the circle.

  1. Angel of the North
  2. Big Ben
  3. Devil’s Bridge
  4. Eden Project
  5. Glendalough Monastery
  6. Hadrian’s Wall
  7. Hill of Tara
  8. Ironbridge
  9. Jodrell Bank
  10. Rathcroghan
  11. St Paul’s Cathedral
  12. Stonehenge

Have a missed a favourite of yours?  If so then add it.

When you are ready, scroll down, past my pictures, to find the answers.  My inland spots may not be spot on so give yourself 2 points if you are within 1cm (you may be closer than me!)  If you are having a competition, and everyone is way out, then the nearest gets 1 point.

Big Ben
Devil’s Bridge
Glendalough Monastery
Hill of Tara
Jodrell Bank
St Paul’s Cathedral

NB – Hadrian’s Wall runs from coast to coast, east to west, either side of spot 6, so 2 points for anywhere on that horizontal line.

Check your inbox for a map with all the dots in roughly the right place, ready for labelling.  (Scroll up and fill in the form in the side bar if you want to be added to my mailing list.)  Though if you have been following this series from the beginning you should by now be an expert at copying the dots into the right place on a blank map, using only the coastal outline to help you.