Where? – 2 – Rivers

Last week we discovered the location of some of the mountains and hills in the British Isles.  Today we’ll take a look at the main rivers.

Print out a blank outline map.  You can use the one below.

The best way to learn where things are is to put them on a map, but if I just give you a completed map, that won’t help much, so grab a blank map and a pencil, find somebody for a bit of competition, and let’s see what you know already.

I’m going to give you a list of the 16 longest rivers in the British Isles.  For each one, have a go at drawing the route on the map and label it.

Hint 1 – You know from last week where the main hills are.  Rivers might start in the hills but they generally won’t cross from one side to the other.

Hint 2 – At the places where the larger rivers flow into the sea, the tide flows up the rivers so the coastline indents.

So these are the 16 longest rivers in the British Isles.  You’ll be doing well if you have even heard of them all.  I had to look some of them up!  But do have a guess.

  1. Shannon (Ireland)
  2. Severn
  3. Thames
  4. Trent
  5. Great Ouse
  6. Wye
  7. Ure – Ouse (begins as the River Ure and changes name to River Ouse, after it is joined by the much smaller Ouse Gill Beck, 74 miles from the source)
  8. Barrow (Ireland)
  9. Tay
  10. Suir (Ireland)
  11. Clyde
  12. Spey
  13. Blackwater (Ireland)
  14. Nene
  15. Bann (Northern Ireland)
  16. Tweed

If you are having a competition then score 1 point if you have the river in the right area of the map and 2 points if you’ve got it flowing into the sea at the right place.When you are ready, scroll down past my pictures to find the answers and if you are signed up for worksheets, check your inbox for a map, showing the approximate routes, just needing labels.

River Wye


River Severn
River Severn
River Thames
River Thames
River Thames

And finally the answers. Lines are only approximate. I’ve smoothed out the details of all the twists and turns, which does make some of the rivers look shorter than they actually are.