Where? – 18 – Places in Children’s Literature

As with last week’s post on paintings, there are so many options for a literature theme.  To narrow it down a bit, I have limited this to children’s literature, and where there is a very clear link to an actual place, as opposed to just inspired by.

As usual, print out a blank outline map.  You can use the one below.

The best way to learn where things are is to put them on a map, but if I just give you a completed map, that won’t help much, so grab a blank map and a pencil, and find somebody for a bit of competition.

Have a guess at the location of these places by marking your map with a small circle and writing the name of the place next to it.

  1. Ashdown Forest – Winnie the Pooh
  2. Bantry Bay – The Cottage at Bantry Bay
  3. Coll – Katy Marag
  4. Isles of Scilly – Why the Whales Came
  5. Lake District – Peter Rabbit, Swallows and Amazons
  6. London – Mary Poppins, Paddington, Peter Pan
  7. Norfolk Broads – Coot Club, The Big Six
  8. North-West Highlands – Kidnapped
  9. Sherwood Forest – The Adventures of Robin Hood
  10. Thames Valley – The Wind in the Willows
  11. Walton-on-the-Naze – Secret Water
  12. Watership Down (North Hampshire) – Watership Down
  13. Yorkshire – The Railway Children, The Secret Garden

If I’ve missed any of your favourites, do add them to the list.

Then when you are ready, scroll down, past my pictures, to find the answers.  If you are having a competition, then 2 points if your spot touches mine.  Spots 5, 7, and 8 can have 2 points for anywhere within the dotted line.  Spot 13 is roughly in the middle of Yorkshire, but it’s a big county, with a wiggly shape so I haven’t drawn the area.  You can have 2 points for anything within 1cm of spot 13.  And as usual, if no one scores 2, the nearest person gets 1 point.

Bantry Bay
Bryher, Isles of Scilly
Lake District
Thames valley

Finally check your inbox for a map with all the dots in roughly the right place, ready for labelling.  (Fill in the form in the side bar if you have yet to sign up.)

And this is the last in this series.  I hope you enjoyed it!