Where? – 14 – Motorways

This week we are going to discover the location of some of Britain’s motorways and main routes.

We’ll start with a basic outline.  Here’s your starting map to print.

I’ve added 4 shapes to the map, each of which is a motorway route round a major city.  Do you know which cities?

Now let’s take one country at a time and add extra lines and labels to show some of the main route network.

We’ll start with England, as the following routes all intersect with one or more of the city rings.  Don’t worry about all the twists and turns – just go in roughly the right direction and if you haven’t a clue – have a guess!

  • M1
  • M3
  • M4 – crosses into Wales
  • M5
  • M6
  • M11
  • M20
  • M23
  • M25
  • M40
  • M42
  • M60
  • M62
  • And the A1, which is the A1(M) motorway along some of its route and crosses into Scotland.

There is a logical system to the numbering of Britain’s roads and those that start with a 7, 8 or 9 are all in Scotland.  There is no M7 but add:

  • M8
  • M9

Northern Ireland has its own numbering system and its longest motorway is another M1.

And guess what – Ireland also has an M1 and another logical system.  Join these to the loop I’ve started for you.

  • M1
  • M3
  • M4
  • M7
  • M11
  • M50

Finally personalise your map with any routes that are relevant to you – maybe a frequent journey or the roads coming from your nearest town.

I don’t have many pictures of roads but here is an unusual shot taken from the bridge that crosses the River Thames to the east of London.

And here are the answers.

If you got it a bit muddled, don’t worry.  I’ll email out a version showing all the lines, ready for labels to be added.  If you are not yet on my email list, fill out the form in the sidebar to get yourself added.