Where? – 10 – Ferry Ports

Last week we looked at landmarks of the natural kind, quite a few of which were on the coast.  We are at the coast again this week, for ferry ports.

Print out a blank outline map.  You can use the one below.

The best way to learn where things are is to put them on a map, but if I just give you a completed map, that won’t help much, so grab a blank map and a pencil, and find somebody for a bit of competition.

For each port, put a small circle where you think it is and write the name next to the circle.

  1. Aberdeen
  2. Belfast
  3. Cairnryan
  4. Cork
  5. Cowes
  6. Douglas
  7. Dover
  8. Dublin
  9. Dun Laoghaire
  10. Felixstowe
  11. Fishguard
  12. Harwich
  13. Heysham
  14. Holyhead
  15. Kingston Upon Hull
  16. Larne
  17. Lerwick
  18. Liverpool
  19. Newcastle Upon Tyne
  20. Newhaven
  21. Oban
  22. Pembroke
  23. Penzance
  24. Plymouth
  25. Poole
  26. Portsmouth
  27. Rosslare
  28. Stromness
  29. Southampton
  30. Stornoway
  31. Uig
  32. Weymouth

That was easy wasn’t it!

But seriously coastal places are much easier to locate.

When you are ready, scroll down, past my pictures, to find the answers.  If you are having a competition then 2 points if your spot touches mine.  If everyone is way out, then the nearest gets 1 point.

Distant Weymouth

I’m not emailing out a map this week.  You should be able to create your own version, on a blank outline map, using the coast as a guide.