Where? – 1 – Mountains and Hill Areas

This series is in response to a reader’s request for help in learning the location of features – mountains, rivers, main towns etc.  Friday posts for the next 18 weeks will be in the same style and we begin today with some of the mountains and hills of the British Isles.

First of all you need a blank outline map.  You can use my image below.  Right click on it and save it to your computer, as you will need this every week.

The best way to learn where things are is to put them on a map, but if I just give you a completed map, that won’t help much, so grab a blank map and a pencil, find somebody for a bit of competition, and let’s see what you know already.

I’m going to give you a list of some of the main hill areas in the British Isles.  Write the names onto your map, roughly where you think they belong.  You will be scoring 1 point if your name touches the correct area, but 2 points if you get the name entirely in the area, so don’t write too big.  Don’t miss any out – guess!

  1. Grampians (Scotland)
  2. North-west Highlands (Scotland)
  3. Southern Uplands (Scotland)
  4. Cambrian Mountains (Wales)
  5. Chilterns (England)
  6. Cotswolds (England)
  7. Dartmoor (England)
  8. Exmoor (England)
  9. Lake District (England)
  10. North Downs (England)
  11. North York Moors (England)
  12. Peak District (England)
  13. Pennines (England)
  14. South Downs (England)
  15. Mourne Mountains (Northern Ireland)
  16. Macgillycuddy’s Reeks (Ireland)
  17. Wicklow Mountains (Ireland)

And now these six mountains, which are the highest peaks in each of the countries of the British Isles. Use a little triangle to mark the map where you think each is found. No passing, you must have a guess!  If you are having a competition, nearest person gets a point.

  • Ben Nevis (Scotland)
  • Snowdon (Wales)
  • Scarfell Pike (England)
  • Slieve Donard (Northern Ireland)
  • Carrauntoohil (Ireland)
  • Snaefell (Isle of Man)

Finally scroll past my pictures for a look at the answers and if you are signed up for worksheets, check your inbox for a map of the correct locations, just needing labels.

Peak District
Lake District
Macgillycuddy’s Reeks
Wicklow Mountains
The easy route up Snaefell
View from Snowdon

And finally the answers.