What’s Normal?

Last week we looked at the highs and lows of record temperatures in Britain, but these extremes are balanced out by the many days of more usual temperatures.  So what is normal?

These are the average temperatures for July.  As you would probably expect, the warmest places are in the south of England.

The pattern for January is a little different.  As we saw last week, the coldest places are towards the north but away from the coast.  Coastal areas are warmed by the relatively warm sea.  This is especially true on the western side of Britain, where the current is bringing warm water from near the equator.  As you can see, the west of Scotland has the same average temperature as London.

These maps, along with rainfall ones, give you an idea of Britain’s climate.

Climate is the average weather over a period of time.  The weather changes all the time, but climate changes much more slowly.  But it does change, as we will begin to see.  Join me again next week.