Viking Legacy

Viking influence in the UK was strongest in the east, particularly Yorkshire.

Jorvik (York)

So choose a suitable map and this time you need to look at the endings of names. You should find plenty of examples:

-by = farmstead, village, settlement

-holm or -holme = island

-keld = spring

-kirk = church

-thwaite = woodland clearing

-toft = site of a house or building

The Vikings were in much of Ireland throughout the 9th and 10th centuries, but there are relatively few Viking names still in use there.

Wexford is from Esker Fjord = Inlet by the Sandbank and Waterford is from Vadre Fjord = a landing place for sheep. Both have Irish names with completely different meanings.

Conversely, Leixlip is from leix and hlaup – Viking for Salmon Leap and the Irish version, Léim na Bhradáin has exactly the same meaning. Which came first? Who knows?!