‘Tites ‘N’ ‘Mites – The Giraffe Drinking Troughs.

The discoveries of stalactites and limestone formations at Chirk Canal are not new. There are multiple examples of fast growing stalactites and stalagmites around the world. In order to answer the question of what causes these formations to grow quickly, Creation Research set up a series of experiments.

The first of these was designed in 2015. This bizarre-looking structure, which has often been described as a ‘giraffe’s drinking trough’, is able to recreate cave-like conditions to grow stalactites.

The large concrete troughs are filled with a layer of crushed seashells, crushed limestone, and then covered in a load of forest vegetation ‘mush’ and then have water added to them. Within a few weeks stalactites begin to grow, averaging a growth rate of between 5-10 mm each month. Much faster than they’re supposed to take!

But why add the mush? Well it turns out that bacteria and microbes have a lot to do with limestone formation. The biological creatures are able to digest and re-form calcium carbonate based silica formations. In other words, the bacteria in the mulch are speeding up the stalactite-making process!

Now think back to Chirk canal tunnel. The end where all the stalactites and limestone formations are, is directly underneath the woods. After a short while, the formations completely stop – directly where the wood ends and it moves into residential and grassland area above. Interesting!

It seems that stalactite formation has a lot more to it than meets the eye, and bacteria has a significant role to play. More and more research will be done in the future, but for now, go and find some more examples for us and send photos in!