‘Tites ‘N’ ‘Mites – Process Not Time!

Welcome back to the penultimate week of ‘Tites ‘N’ ‘Mites! Here we are coming to a final conclusion about the importance of all this, before we actually look and visit the location in a very special video next week!

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  So, what have we discovered? First, it’s not about time, but process! When the right conditions are available and present, stalagmites, stalactites and calcium carbonate can form very quickly. And the main process catalyst appears to relate to bacteria and microbes. Also, the conditions under bridges and inside tunnels is provable the same as inside caves, as is shown by the acid and pH testing.

In other words, stalactites and stalagmites will form quickly anywhere, provided the right conditions are in place for the correct process to occur! Conclusion? The presence of ‘tites ‘n’ ‘mites does not provide evidence for a very old earth, simply that process is extremely important.

 But why is this important?

 Many geologists and scientists argue that the presence of stalactites mean that the earth has to be extremely old, and therefore, is far too old for the Bible to be true. Some would even go as far to say, that there is no evidence of evolution in the fossils, but the earth is so old, evolution must have happened, and the Bible can’t possibly be correct.

 But what we have been discovering the last few weeks is challenging that concept entirely. From the formations in Chirk Canal tunnel, to the ‘giraffe drinking trough’ formations, each example is brilliant evidence that they don’t need hundreds of thousands or millions of years to form, but simply the right process. Get the right process, and it happens very quickly indeed!

 Next week we shall be finishing with a short video documentary that was filmed at Chirk Canal, all about these formations inside the tunnel. It will help you to gain a greater picture of what we are talking about by actually visiting on-site and seeing the real-life experiments performed there!