Tintagel Part 12 – Planning

Last week Morgawse and Lot became engaged.  But how will they win over King Uther…

They looked at each other, giddy and fearful smiles growing.

Lot flashed a playful glance at her. “May I kiss you again.”

The memory of their first kiss jumped out vividly.  She nodded and without another word Lot led her into a corner of the hall.

“Ahem,” loud coughing brought them back to reality.  Blushing, Morgawse dragged herself out of Lot’s embrace to meet the mocking eyes of the king and queen.  “So is all arranged, then?” the king asked.

Lot took her hand and led her forwards. “Yes, we are to marry.”

“Excellent,” said the king.  “Now all we need to do is make sure King Uther picks you, Lot.”

“Oh yes,” Morgawse cried. “I forgot about that.  How could we manage it, Lot?”

“Well, we are friends with him, aren’t we?” Lot asked doubtfully.

“Yes, officially.”

“Well then, all we can do is send a letter, surely, father.”

“Wait, I have an idea coming,” cried the queen. “What if we were to send Lot down on an official visit, husband?”

King Cynfarch nodded, slowly smiling. “And he just happens to see Morgawse there, at the court…”

“And most romantically falls in love with me.” Morgawse’s eyes lit up. “That is a very good idea, Your Majesty.”

After some more discussion they determined that Morgawse would return with Morgan, and then Lot would set out for Camelot early the next morning.

Nothing remained now but to wait until Morgan woke up.  Lot and Morgawse withdrew slightly, talking in hushed whispers about the future, confiding their hopes and fears.   It was about an hour later when Morgan came up to them, rubbing her eyes. “Well, Morgawse, did you achieve your quest?”  Her eyes fell on their clasped hands and she smirked. “I see you did.”

They bade farewell to the king and queen and were soon standing outside the palace with Prince Lot.  He kissed Morgawse one last time. “I will see you soon, sweetheart, I promise.”

Morgawse nodded, and they locked eyes until they were whisked away from his sight.

Morgan had aimed slightly better on their return trip, and they found themselves in the courtyard of Camelot.  Exhausted, they stumbled to their apartments.

In their sitting room they were confronted by the sight of Ygerne, asleep in an armchair, with a book open on her lap.  Morgawse felt a great rush of love for her mother.  She turned to Morgan, who was once again swaying on her feet.

“You go to bed.  I’ll wake mother and tell her what happened.  And,” she gathered her sister’s hands in her own, “thank you a thousand times for what you did for me tonight.”

Morgan nodded and went blindly through the archway that led to the bedchambers.  Morgawse shook her mother’s arm. “Mother, we’re back.”

Her eyes flew open. “Morgawse?  Is it you?”

“Yes, mother.”

Ygerne breathed a sigh of relief. “Thank goodness, I was beginning to worry.  Has Morgan gone to bed?”

“Yes, she has.  And mother, we were successful.  Now, if we can persuade King Uther to agree, I am betrothed to Prince Lot.”

Ygerne immediately threw her arms round Morgawse. “Well done.  Congratulations.  One of you at least has a chance.”

Morgawse hugged her back, joy beginning to flow from her at last.