The Wonder of Limestone – Process Not Time!

Welcome to the final week of Limestone, and Fossils on Friday for the time being, as we stop for the Christmas break!

For this final week we will be looking at some new research that we have referenced before on Blog About Britain during our ‘Tites ‘N’ ‘Mites segment a few weeks back. And a very important conclusion!

It all started many years ago, when John Mackay (Creation Research Director) was a boy. He worked on a farm, and his job was to clean out the old concrete water tanks. You see, the tanks would become filled with sludge and rotting vegetation, which would have to be removed and cleaned out. However, John noticed one thing – the tanks that had the most sludge in them would always have little stalactites running off the limestone/concrete tanks….

See the source image

Many years later, Creation Research started investigating limestone formation. It is abundantly clear that an extremely important factor is water – limestone requires it. But the old idea that only calcium carbonate and water are necessary to create limestone formations falls short. In reality, it’s impossible, which is why many scientists claim that it requires millions of years to form. However, there is now multiple evidence that there is another factor in play – and it’s got a lot to do with that sludge in the water tanks!

 It turns out that microbes and bacteria have an extremely important role to play with limestone formation. They can create enzymes that eat out caves, dissolve and re-solidify limestone, create stalactites, and form fossils – all extremely quickly! And the bacteria are thriving in organic mulch, just like the sludge in the old water tanks. So because there was sludge, the bacteria was able to grow, and because the bacteria was able to grow, it was able to create those stalactites in a matter of weeks to months.

 In other words, limestone formation has nothing to do with time, but everything to do with a process. But we’ve said that before! And it is really important to realise. No limestone formation of any sort requires millions of years – only the right process!

God bless, Merry Christmas, and see you in the new year!