The Shape of Things to Come!

Back in September we began an epic river journey.

We began at the source…

…and are heading for the mouth.

Most of my photos and examples are from the River Severn but you can take the same epic journey down any river from its source in a bog or at a spring…

…to its entry into the sea.

So, we are heading down the long profile, from the steep area near the source, where the valley looks like this…

…to the flatter lower lands. As we do so the valley starts to open out.

The side slopes are no longer as steep, and the river seems to have more space.

There are no longer interlocking spurs forcing the river to swing from side to side, but its route is becoming even more twisty, with wide sweeping meanders across the flat floodplain.

Eventually the valley sides have pretty much disappeared, and you are left with a wide flat landscape.

But the changes are created by the river itself. Join me next week as we find out what’s going on.