The Rocks Cry Out – Special Post!

  Welcome to this special edition post of Blog About Britain!

 We have a special announcement to make! Blog About Britain has been involved in a very special new project – or at least all the team has! Sandra, the Geographer, Joseph, who does the “Fossils on Friday” segment and works with Creation Research UK, along with Sarah-Ann, the Storyteller for Blog About Britain, and Director of Maiden Films have come together to create “The Rocks Cry Out!”

 So, what is “The Rocks Cry Out”? Well, the story goes back to Joseph’s childhood, and a long-time dream to produce a set of field guides for the UK. Growing up, there was a huge lack of good material on UK geology from a Biblical perspective, and the only decent materials available were mostly based for an American market – the UK had to make do with what was produced over there. And while the material was relevant and useful, there was nothing like actually going out and seeing the evidence for yourself! Joseph started leading field trips with Creation Research, hence making the dream for a set of location guides even more necessary.

 Then, earlier this year, Joseph joined up with Sarah-Ann and Sandra at Harpur Hill, near Buxton, Derbyshire. The purpose was to film and record an incredible deposit of lime, with the aim to produce a short film, and accompanying book. And The Rocks Cry Out was born!

 The first film is available below, and on the website. The film takes you around, and shows you what’s there, explaining some of the geology. The accompanying book is the real deal! Broken down into three sections, The Practical, which gives you all the information about how to get to the sites, facilities available there, and detailed maps; The Big Picture, which guides you step by step through the geology of the location; and In Depth, which goes deeper into some of the geology of the area. All the books are/will be in full colour, and water-resistant paper, so they’re designed to go out on the field with you! And every single one is based on a Biblical, Creation, Young Earth view of geology – with science and evidence to back it up!

 We currently have Harpur Hill as the complete location, with both book and video available. We have filmed the second location, Abereiddy Bay, Wales, and are currently writing the book for it now. The next location to film will be Hunstanton, Norfolk, in a couple of weeks’ time. The books are designed to be useful whether you visit the site or not, they take you step-by-step through the geology.

 So, enjoy the video below, check out the new website, and buy the book! And keep watching out for the next location!

The Rocks Cry Out!

Below is a fantastic review from Christina Eastwood, Author & Home Educator.

 “We could have done with Indiana Joe when our children were young! There was exciting material about geology and fossils available but it tended to be designed for the American market with examples all from the USA. Now, at last, here is something where all the examples are right on our own doorstep. The Rocks Cry Out is well produced and easy to use. Together the booklet and video make a “virtual” field trip that leaves you definitely wanting more. It should get you enthused about going and looking at geological formations and fossils for yourself. I’m looking forward to future productions in the Rocks Cry Out series and home education families should keep their eyes on what is coming up next when planning their holidays. The first episode certainly has me eager to rush off to Derbyshire for a look round!”

    – Christina Eastwood, Author, “God’s Dealings With Our Nation”, Home Educator