The Power of the Lyn

The village of Lynmouth is at the mouth of the River Lyn.  (You guessed that didn’t you!) 

There are actually two rivers in the picture.  The West Lyn River is coming in from the right to meet the East Lyn River just before it enters the sea.

Both rivers pass through narrow, steep sided valleys as they tumble down from Exmoor, and the highland is close to the coast here so there is quite a gradient.

That makes for some interesting driving…

…and some powerful water flow.

Numerous mills have been built over the years to harness the power of the water and in 1983 a hydropower scheme was put in place to generate electricity for the national grid.

But this wasn’t the first scheme in the area.  A hydropower facility was built on the East Lyn River in the 1890s, to supply Lynmouth with electricity.  I’ll tell you what happened to it next week.