The Point of Prophecy

Last week Deirdre and Naoise made it to Scotland…

“Do you believe the future can be changed?”  Naoise asked suddenly, one day as we were walking along the shore of the loch.

“How do you mean?” I asked.

“Well, if there is a prophecy predicting something, like there is with you.  Do you believe the consequences can be averted?”

“Oh yes, that,” I replied.  “Yes, I do believe the future can be changed.  Why am I here?”

Naoise nodded, “Exactly.  Same with me.  No matter what danger there is, it can be changed.”

I frowned, “Danger?  What danger?”

Naoise stopped dead, “You mean you don’t know?  I thought they would have told you!”

“Told me what?  They didn’t give me any details, just mentioned a prophecy.  Is it something serious?”

His face told me enough.  It closed off, all the light gone.  “Tell me,” I begged, starting to panic.

Naoise swallowed, “Well, Cathbad the seer said that you would be very beautiful, and that you would cause the death of the three greatest warriors in Ulster.”

The world rocked around me and I sat down with a bump.  “Naoise!  How could you have let this happen!?”

“I thought you knew.  But I believe prophecy is meant as a warning, so that you can change the future if you want to.”

His voice came from far away.  How could I even begin to process this news?  It was already happening!  Here were three great warriors with me.  An angry king back in Ireland, probably just waiting to kill them.

“I believe the future can be changed as well,” I murmured shakily.  “But we can never go home.”

Naoise took me in his arms as we sat there on the beach.