A haven is a place of safety or refuge so you would expect the coastal town of Stonehaven to have some kind of sheltered harbour.

And indeed it does.

The rocky headland provides a natural protection for the anchorage and additional breakwaters have been built, and added to, resulting in the three almost enclosed basins that you can see today.

My pictures were taken at high tide, but you can see on the map that there is a rocky area to the north side of the harbour too.  So again, some natural protection and it was here that the first man-made structures were built around 1700 – Old Pier and Net Pier.

The south side of the harbour was developed in the early part of the 19th century.  Rock was quarried to get it out of the way and the South Pier was constructed.  The Fish Jetty was later extended completing the Inner Basin.

Finally, the Breakwater was added in 1908 and has since been strengthened and extended.

More recently a storm boom has been added on the Inner Basin so that in storm conditions this area can be sealed completely.

So, a natural haven for boats has been modified to make a very secure and safe harbour.  But for what purpose?

We will find out next week.