Let me introduce you to Northumberlandia.

She is a sizeable piece of landscape art.  Waste rock has been sculpted into the shape of a reclining lady, 400 metres long and 34 metres high at the forehead…


Layers of waste rock have been compacted and then covered in clay and topped with soil.  The steeper slopes are reinforced with steel mesh and a drainage system channels rainwater down to the adjacent lakes.

The 4 miles of spiralling paths are all part of the design and are wheelchair and buggy friendly.

Located in NE England, not far from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, it is hoped that the Lady of the North, as she is also known, will help to attract tourists to the area, in the same way that people stop by the Angel of the North, on the other side of the River Tyne.

I’m sure she will, though I was more interested in what was happening on the adjacent site.  I’ll tell you about that next week.