Nature Wins

Today the mines underneath the town of Northwich have been made safe. Concrete has been pumped into the caverns so that the rock above is once again supported. Solution mining at Middlewich is carefully controlled. The landscape is again stable.

The past remains very much in evidence.

The area is still criss-crossed by pipes…

…and there are bits of industrial junk.

The flashes, which were once a dumping ground for industrial waste from nearby factories, are now being reclaimed by nature.

The vast lakes attract birds…

…and the birds attract bird watchers.

Marshall’s Wood is growing on top of a lime waste pit.

The lime enriched soils provide a unique environment and attract species that are otherwise scarce in Cheshire.

All of this can be accessed via a network of routes.

There is access for cyclists and horse riders as well as on foot.

There’s art to admire…

…and rest on…

…as well as puzzle over.

And it is put to practical use to keep the area safe.

So that wraps up our look at this part of Cheshire. Today’s landscape tells quite a story…