Managing the Mine

Mining at Shotton is carried out with careful consideration for the environment.

Wildlife species are surveyed, before mining begins, so that temporary habitats and nesting places are created.

Unused land within the site is seeded or planted.

On the far side of the hole you can see the long mound of soil which has been seeded with grass.

Mounding the reserved soil on the edge of the hole also helps to screen the site and reduce the effect of noise in the surrounding area.  Noise is further reduced by modifications to the diggers and trucks.

The machinery is also fitted with water sprays, and water cannons keep the roads damp.  This helps to reduce dust and keep the air clean.

Vehicles leaving the site get their wheels washed, to avoid spreading mud to the surrounding roads.

And the mining company created adjacent Northumberlandia – a haven for wildlife, a public landscape and a great viewpoint from which to watch the comings and goings next door.