Late-Night Lorry?

I used to live on this road.

It starts off flat by the river…

…rises up past the houses…

…and then climbs steeply to the top of the hill. 

As you can see it’s narrow.  So, imagine my surprise when I heard a huge lorry coming down…in fact racing down…in the middle of the night!

Don’t believe me?  Well I didn’t really believe it either, but it certainly sounded like a huge lorry rumbling, at an alarming speed, down the road.

Noise like a passing lorry (when there isn’t one) is one of the signs of an earthquake.  If you hear that amount of noise, then you know that your earthquake comes out as at least level three on the Mercalli Scale. 

The Mercalli Scale is a way of assessing an earthquake based on its effect.  The outcome will depend on how far you are from the earthquake’s starting point and also the opinion of the person making the assessment.  See how in picture two the other guys didn’t notice anything.  If the person in picture three had been listening to music though earphones, they might not have noticed either.

You are probably thinking that earthquakes in Britain don’t get any worse than the effects on the top row, but occasionally they do.  I’ll tell you some more next week.