The Thames Path follows the River Thames from the edge of the Cotswolds…

…to the Thames Barrier, downstream of London.

The last section of the path is on the south bank of the river.  You round the old docks area of the Isle of Dogs, pass through Greenwich and head out towards the O2 arena on the Greenwich Peninsula.

And you walk past this…

Rather odd!  Especially as it is a road sign, but it is pointing straight out across the river!

Has someone turned the sign round?

Fortunately, another sign nearby contains the explanation.  “Here” is actually a piece of art.  It is one exhibit on an art walk, linking the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on the north side of the river, with the O2 arena on the south side.

But what is it?  Well it is exactly what it says it is – a road sign with distance and destination.  It’s 24 859 miles from the post…back to the post…via the north pole and the south pole, so right around the world.

The post could be placed anywhere and, as long as it was pointing towards the pole, the distance would be pretty much the same, but “Here” is here because it is placed on the Greenwich Meridian.  That’s the line of 0° longitude, which divides the world into east and west.

So, are you in the east or the west?  We’ll follow the line next week.