Go or Stay?

Last week our heroes received an unexpected visitor from home…

We all stared at him. “What?” Naoise stammered.

Fergus repeated his news, and Naoise’s eyes began to sparkle.

My heart sank like a stone.

“Can it be true?” asked Ainlle. “We can go home?”

“You can!” Fergus laughed along with them. Smiles lit up everyone’s faces except mine.

“What do you think, Deirdre?” Naoise asked me, almost reluctantly.

I stood up, pushing Aebgreine off my lap, “Can I speak to you in private, Naoise?”

He nodded and followed me into our bedroom.

“You want to go home, don’t you?” I confronted him bluntly.

Naoise nodded, “Of course. Anyone would.”

I just looked straight at him. “Do you trust me?”

“Of course,” he said again, but I could see his eyes shifting about. Something died a little inside me.

“My dreams have never led us wrong before.”

“But we decided together, Deirdre, that they are warnings rather than complete foretellings. Don’t you remember?”

“That was always more your way of looking at them, not mine.”

“But we did decide that.”

I remembered every word I had said that day. Yes, I had agreed with him – then. But I knew you couldn’t put a gift or talent in a box and define it yourself. You had to let it reveal itself to you.

“You are right, I did agree with you,” I admitted.

He nodded, smiling. “Well, don’t you think we would be safe to make the journey, at any rate? And then come back again. Fergus will be with us. We don’t have to go all the way to the king’s court.”

I want to see my husband happy. It’s my fault if he isn’t. I had to let them go home. And maybe – just maybe – Naoise was right? “As you wish, Naoise.”

He hugged me, “Always remember I love you. I promise you, we will take the utmost care.”

I pushed him away and looked up at him, “But what about the children?”