Fossils on Friday – Worldwide Deposits = Worldwide Flood!

We have looked at so many different principles and ideas in geology over the last few weeks, your brain may be buzzing! But it is really important to get some of the basics in your head, as it will completely revolutionise your view of geology, especially when you’re out and about doing some ‘backyard geology’!

We will continue this theme when we pick it up again in September, as we will go through some different geological concepts and principles, giving a thorough explanation of each. This will be important as we continue with ‘Fossils on Friday’, as we can refer back to different posts as we go forward.

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Wonderful examples of crossbedding and sideways deposition in this canyon in the USA. You can even see the currents moving along where the water carried the sediment into place.

However, the biggest and perhaps most important concept that we are showing in our posts is the evidence that geology fits perfectly with the Bible, particularly the Biblical account of a worldwide flood. And the concepts we have been discussing over the past weeks, crossbedding and sideways deposition, is key to understanding this.

A massive example of crossbedding.

There is no evidence of millions-of-years in the rock layers, in fact, the evidence from fossils is much to the contrary – in order to turn living organisms into fossils, you need to bury them quickly, deeply, and without the presence of oxygen. Fossilisation is all about the right process, not time, and it must happen quickly!

The evidence actually points to a global flood. From red rocks that cover a huge proportion of the planet, to absolutely enormous chalk beds, over a thousand feet thick, covering the planet from the Americas through Europe, Asia, to Australia. All containing crossbedding, all laid down sideways.

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As we conclude this series for the August break, we will look at one final example of a worldwide deposit that is full of fossils, and laid down sideways – the Carboniferous Shales……