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Not only that, if you spec Demonology, you will be able to receive a LOT more damage with the Voidwalker out since it reduces damage taken by both of you by an amount - good PvPers know when to use a Felhunter or a Voidwalker for their PvP matches. Ancient Cornerstone Grimoire and Book of the Dead). It’s great for stunning enemies and doing damage, but a Priest is just going to instant PBAoE fear it away and once it’s used intercept it’s not going to be doing much with all of the crowd control moving about. It’s not that great as a solo pet since it has little HP. A pet is any creature that a player can summon or tame, like companions and mounts. The Infernal is a “gimmick pet” in the sense that it’s rather powerful, but not that great. Oh no, Warlocks enslave demons to fight by their side in combat. Putting him on passive with fireball off autocast, he works like a mana battery. It has a very weak melee attack, but makes up for it by its impressive ability to hold an enemies attention while you slay it. Small pets can be acquired in the following ways: For a more complete list of vanity pets, see Category:Companions. You’re better off with  a Felguard than this novelty pet you can show around every hour in a major city. repeat this in the speed that your hp/mana regen allows you to and you won't ever have to drink or eat. Some guardian pets are trinkets; these are usually reusable but limited by a cooldown time. Locks were pretty much the exact opposite of what they are now - devastating anti-rogues. Try to avoid using Lash of Pain much since it’s generally not worth the damage in any scenario and you could benefit more from her other abilities. If you have demonology spec, AVOID using Soul Link with this poor guy out, he will die oh so fast! Defensive Fighter Mounts are usually creatures which are rideable. Imps are very VERY weak. The Doomguard has four skills, Rain of Fire (kind of useless channeled AoE fire spell), Dispel (very useful, dispels debuffs), Cripple (very useful, snares an enemy and slows their attack), and War Stomp (same as the Tauren one but with a mana cost). It also means more HP for you to upkeep your life up via drain life tanking. The only situations when a Doomguard is actually viable is either for fun or in well, for fun. Requires: Nothing Offensive Fighter Available at level 1. When someone has enough aggro feel free to command it to attack, although its damage will be pretty low. It has the ability to lock down most any kind of magic user and keep them from casting spells. When you’re fighting enemies that die way before the Felguard needs to heal then it’ll help a ton by doing a lot more DPS then your Voidwalker. If you have five party members, you’re going to be better off keeping all five alive and not having to worry about the Doomguard bothering you. Warlocks simply don’t summon elementals or make an animal so enthralled with them that it’ll fight by their side. He will also run out of mana very fast (especially in combination with Dark Pact) and recovers it very slowly, this limits your time per pull speed. Summon Imp has the largest mana poll, not succubus. on 1 Stamina Point = 0.3 Stamina for your Pet (+3 HP for every +10 for you), 1 Resistance Point = 0.4 Resist for your Pet. Available at level 30. Balance druids could summon treants, mages (all specs) could summon water elementals, priests can summon shadowfiends, shamans can summon spirit wolves(enhancement shaman-only) as well as create fire elementals and earth elementals by summoning totems, and druids can summon treants. That’s pretty much what it’s very good at, holding an enemy’s attention while you kill it. Since it can devour them (and heal itself) it makes a decent pet. If you need to know how to control your pet then see our “Controlling your Pet” guide.eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'tentonhammer_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_9',113,'0','0'])); To see how you obtain these pets (through their various quests) , see our Warlock Quest Guide. It also has a ton of magic resist built right in making it very hard for casters to kill. if you don't want your imp splattered to the floor, avoid Soul Link while our buddy is helping us! There are a lot of things you can do with a Voidwalker, although the majority of them involve the Voidwalker tanking enemies. (Since when do Imps have a lot of health to begin with?) You may have no more than one combat pet and one companion pet summoned at a time. Yeah, demons are similar to hunter pets in that regard. In Cataclysm, the mage's water elemental was moved to the frost talent tree and made a permanent pet. With light damage to start with (i.e. Summon voidwalker is completely useless if you've got any +shadow damage gear, or apply more than two dots on him. The Imp is an interesting pet and is the first pet you obtain. That’s pretty much why it’s a gimmick, since you only get a good five minutes of use out of it every hour. Requires: 1x Soul Shard with the succubus, i'm getting hit for half the fight which delays the kill cuz of all the interruptions. Main article: Combat pet. just count 2missisipi before going full nuke, max distance, they will be 10% or less before they reach you. Also remember, you may devour magic any positive magical buff the monsters gain, like “Demonic Power” on the Mog’arg bosses in Mechanar, letting your tank avoid getting pummeled more than he should. But if you wanna chill level, then yes. I'd say voidwalker is pretty useless for fast leveling in WoW Classic except you want get that megashield in specific/dangerous situations.Both can't tank but Imp at least provides 3-4 bigger dmg output plus stamina buff.What's better comparing to BfA, voidwaker doesn't AoE pull all neutral/yellow mobs and critters in Classic WoW. i also haven't enjoyed soloing with the succ. Learn more about cookies. The Felguard plays two different games, one is the PvE game and the other the PvP game. Although many do not use the Succubus for its damage but instead use for its “Seduction” ability in which it can take a Humanoid out of battle for a little while. Summon the Doomguard, enslave it, then send it towards them. When it’s fighting them, let it go after gaining a lot of distance. Others are usable from your inventory but will either be consumable or have a limited number of uses. Rare hunter pets . It’s also got a temper will enjoy breaking out of Enslave Demon to fight your party as well. This means that you can use its MP to regain yours via Dark Pact, the talent deep in the affliction tree. Support/Anti-Spellcaster It’s got massive amounts of offense and defense and copies a few of the Warrior’s movies like Intercept and Cleave. The pets listed here aren’t true Warlock pets that you can summon, but I consider them tainted or shadowy enough to be suitable Warlock companions. Do try him out with stamina gear. Its abilities allow it to take a good bit of damage before dieing and is the preferred solo pet of most Warlocks. Rare pets are the hunter pets that are: Hard to find, hard to tame, have long respawn times, and/or are just really rare. Remember to also use Devour Magic on the enemy priests or mages, or whoever have barriers on to eat them and make them vulnerable to attack. Like the Infernal, the Doomguard is a situational gimmick pet that will only be pulled out in special situations. Rare pets are the hunter pets that are: Hard to find, hard to tame, have long respawn times, and/or are just really rare. Unless you want to take risks and use a fairly mediocre pet to fight with you for under 5 minutes, stick with your base pets. Past level 60, Suffering also gains an additional bonus: all targets hit with suffering are given 10% less chance  to hit for a few seconds, improving the voidwalker’s lifespan for a few more seconds when multiple monsters are on him. Enslave Demon is flimsy at best and it breaking loose on you when you’re fighting a monster is the one situation you should want to avoid at all costs. When all five have activated the statue, one will randomly die and the Doomguard will spawn. This guide goes over each pets abilities and tactics related to each pet. Wrath of the Lich King brings more effectivity to the imp when used in a Destruction spec; it will boost your overall damage should your imp crit by giving you a 20% chance of critting as well, so it's to your advantage, especially if a fire warlock, to use an imp companion to burn enemies down fast! Not the best DPS but I can go on and on without downtime. I don’t know about exploiting any bugs to change demon names, but Warlock demon names were random and permanent until - I think - Mists of Pandaria, when Warlocks could talk to their pet trainer and pay a gold fee to basically get a new name, though it was, RP wise, a totally new demon. This will make you sacrifice your imp, though, so decide which is better for the situation!

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