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True it’s really the Deluxe version of Mario Kart 8 on the Switch that really earns the top spot, but that would also be underselling what the Wii U game managed to achieve. Now writing for The Gamer, he takes an interest in indie games, history, and his dog, Cam. Loosely based on, Mario’s taller but clumsier brother Luigi enters the scene. GP DX, short for deluxe, finally delivered what felt like a full package. No explosions, but the first two are true. It seemed like a sure thing given the Superstar Saga remake's critical reception, but longtime Mario & Luigi villain Fawful apparently got the last laugh. Not only one of the worst Mario games of all-time, but Hotel Mario is also one of the worst-selling. In what shouldn’t come as a surprise, the highest-selling Mario game is the original, Super Mario Bros. Mario uses his classic Super Mushroom, Fire Flower, and Starman as well as a new Carrot that turns him into a rabbit to save the princess and capture the titular six golden coins gained by defeating bosses. David Roberts For me this game was one of those weird experiences where you can’t deny you’re having fun with it, but you’re still ultimately left feeling disappointed. Super Mario World5. According to Otani, Fawful was "received very well overseas," so the companies wanted to "bring him back" — similar to Ridley, King K. Rool, and the Belmonts being added to Super Smash Bros. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Video games may not be nearly as popular as they are now, and Mario certainly wouldn’t be the international icon he is now. Pokemon guaranteed that plenty of GBA owners had link cables, but Mario Kart requires an ease of access to races that the hardware couldn’t muster. The latest Mario release, Super Mario Galaxy 2 (the sequel to the Wii's all-time high-scoring game Super Mario Galaxy), promises more interplanetary excitement and thrills while giving Mario fans an excuse to dust off their Wii this summer after playing Mario’s last adventure New Super Mario Bros. Wii during the winter months. So without further ado, let’s power(slide) on through! If I were to be ranking these games purely out of nostalgia, this game would probably come top because my memories of playing this seem to fit so perfectly with what Mario Kart has always been about – having fun, often with friends – playing a competitive, but not too serious racing game. Super Mario World 310. Super Mario Bros. 3 - 17.28 Million . The two games it amalgamated were clearly franchise highlights (given they’ve not been discussed yet) and to seamlessly package that up with a blend of new and familiar tracks and characters created an overall package that showcased Nintendo at their technological best. Do any awful Mario games immediately come to mind? As with all these lists, they are just my personal opinion of which games I feel are better than others. RELATED: 10 Mario Spin-Off Games Nintendo Needs To Try (That They've Rejected Before). I will personally make sure bad things happen to anyone who dares say that Mario Sunshine is worse than Mario Tennis Ultra Smash. By Renan Fontes Mar 24, 2017. As the years have passed, Mario has evolved from 2D side-scroller to 3D platformer, and in addition to having his own series, he has become Nintendo’s #1 mascot (sorry, Legend of Zelda and Metroid). 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Much like with Hotel Mario, we don’t know how many copies the game sold, however, using the same logic, we know only about 700,000 Virtual Boys were ever sold, making Mario Clash the first Mario game on our list to sell less than one million units. Super Mario 64 (DS)2. for the SNES is easily one of the worst Mario games ever made. As well as that, Deluxe also came with all the DLC tracks – 16 in total – from Mario Kart 8 included up front, meaning a course list of 48 tracks for fans to enjoy. New Super Mario Bros4. Its arcade exclusivity around the world and limited track list keeps it from top ranking, but it’s an admirable spin on plumber karting. Your home for all your videogame needs. Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars2. The Expanse is coming to Amazon Prime December 16 2020. Notable Video Game Releases: New and Upcoming, November Preview: 19 TV Shows & New Movies to Watch at Home, Super Mario Bros. 3: Super Mario Advance 4. What are these poor-selling games, and what are the Mario games that sold the most? It should come as little surprise that one of the five best-selling Mario games is a co-op party game for one of the best-selling consoles ever. 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