woodchuck vs raccoon

I just wanted to say that the applications you have on your website have given me my first desire to own a smart phone! Woodchucks usually range only 50 to 150 feet from their den. Phil often predicts six more weeks of winter, with 100 of the calls being for winter, and 15 of the calls being for spring. © 2020 Shoreline Services, Inc. 11330 E. Lakewood Blvd. Holland, MI 49424, Silverfish, Fleas, Mosquitos, & Cockroaches. and stand about four feet tall (60 cm) and closely resemble beavers, just without the webbed tail. Groundhogs typically mate once per year and don’t stick together as a family unit. Since you might be wondering, NO woodchucks can’t actually chuck wood. Like woodchucks, capybaras are large rodents (the largest of them all!) Damage to crops can be costly and extensive. The name “groundhog” is misleading since they definitely are not in the hog family. We only have 4 possibilities left: Gray Fox, Coyote, Raccoon or Black Bear. Wow!! Snowshoe Hare, Whitetail Deer and Moose, their scat is most often in a pellet form, think of Raisenettes or Malted Milkballs, definitely not them, and what would a deer be doing on my deck? The size difference is the main difference between prairie dogs and groundhogs with prairie dogs being lighter and groundhogs/woodchucks, heavier. Many people can identify the most popular species, the brown marmorated stink bugs (BMSB) by sight these days. That's why it can be tough to keep them off your house without proper planning and execution. Mentality or Audacity, which animal of the four animals left would be fearless enough to come up on my deck and relieve themselves. Marmots are, in fact, commonly referred to as groundhogs, and technically, the terms are interchangeable, since a groundhog is a type of marmot. The young are born 13 days after mating. Should there be a Leash Law in the Adirondacks? However, they’re not picky and will devour most produce if it’s available. Any ideas? As noted above, groundhogs and woodchucks are the same animal. Omnivore is just another fancy term for an animal that eats both plants and meat (meat= another unfortunate animal). With long buck teeth, they spend most of their days gnawing down trees to use for river dams or underwater lodges. We’re getting down there in number aren’t we? Many of the brown, rodent-like animals that are commonly found in North America may seem the same – beavers, groundhogs, and prairie dogs all exhibit similar behavior. Hey… it’s happened before but just not this time. You might hear someone call one of these animals a “woodchuck” or a “whistle-pig.” Are they all one species? The woodchuck’s compact, chunky body is supported by short strong legs. They hibernate from late October to March or April depending on their geographic location. Woodchuck? (1925). I grew up in an area of Upstate, NY where dealing with wildlife pests is a common occurrence. Fishers, Bobcats and Martens are going to stick with meat so we won’t be finding seeds in their poop… drop them off the list. Aside from groundhog day, woodchucks are often seen as pests due to their digging habits, which can collapse buildings, and eating of gardens and farms. As the legend goes, if the groundhog sees its shadow, there will be six more weeks of winter. Gianini, C. A. They remain active through all seasons. Baby raccoon sounds can also include whining, mewing and crying. In fact, badgers will eat a groundhog, prairie dog, or squirrel if they come across one. 1) Rabbit VS Squirrel- Squirrel 2) Deer VS Moose- Moose 3) Cougar VS Wolf- Cougar 4) Raccoon VS Badger- Badger 5) Bobcat VS Wolverine- Wolverine 6) Red Fox VS Weasel- Red Fox 7) Bald Eagle VS Golden Eagle- Bald Eagle 8) Hedgehog VS Skunk- Skunk 9) Beaver VS Woodchuck- Beaver 10) Porcupine VS Tortoise- Porcupine Please consult a pest control professional before applying any tactics from pestpointers.com. They are about the size of a navy bean when they are born, and will nurse in the mother’s pouch for up to 60 days. It is black and flatish. (Eds.). That's my buddy, Vito. The real reason why groundhogs are called woodchucks is more complicated. This site is owned and operated by Pest Pointers LLC | pestpointers.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Groundhogs also move around and will create multiple tunnel systems and burrows in their lifetimes. Due to their feeding preferences and the shortages of food in winter months, woodchucks must hibernate. Badgers live in dens, and though they don’t hibernate during the winter, they can sleep for long periods of time in cold weather. Though groundhogs don’t “chuck wood” as their nickname may suggest, beavers do. They typically will scrounge for food twice a day, in the morning and evening. Like many animals in nature, these pups over time, ween off the care of their mother. Always wear gloves and use a stick to probe scat when identifying it. Opossums do not hibernate. Like the other rodents mentioned above, beavers are mainly herbivores and subsist on bark, plants, and roots. If these defenses are not successful, an opossum may play dead. Though his handlers claim that Phil is the same groundhog as in 1887, groundhogs only live for 6 to 8 years. On occasion, burrowing can weaken slabs and foundations. Oxygen Consumption, Body Temperature and Heart Rate of Woodchucks Entering Hibernation. On a more serious note, NEVER, EVER touch, smell or taste animal scat! So were left with Mr. Raccoon or Mr. Bear both oppurtunists by nature seeking out the easiest meal they can get. (2005). Beavers, Otters, Mink and Muskrats are aquatic animals and there is no water nearby so we can scratch them off. Woodchucks are strict herbivores that forage on fruits, grasses, and plants in flower and vegetable gardens. They’re typically smaller and quicker. Getting Rid of Groundhogs. Opossums dig around foundations and backyard areas, and sometimes den in attics and garages where they may make a messy nest. I'm Zack DeAngelis, the creator of Pest Pointers. Masked bandit raccoons are nocturnal mammals that go out at night, looking for food. Woodchucks have an annual litter that produces 2-6 hairless and blind cubs. We have deer and I know what that scat looks like so it could be raccoon, fox, possum, skunk, or coyote as we have all of those animals but which one and why the daily reminder? All 4 are omnivores and we could go by size and shape of the scat to eliminate these four further down but were going to look at it from a different perspective. They live in open prairies (hence the name) all over the United States. This name was thought to originally be spaced into two words (groundhog) since it roots through the ground, and “hog” was used not to mean swine, but rather just “animal.”. What Does a Raccoon Sound Like at Night? Abandoned tunnels are often used by snakes, rabbits, or owls, but are nuisances to livestock. If you see a bumbling, dark brown rodent-like creature in a forest (in the requisite areas, of course), it’s most likely a groundhog. Your thinking that’s a fairly long list to whittle down to the exact animal aren’t you? This website primarily references personal learning experiences. Fruit trees and shrubs are damaged by woodchucks as they gnaw or claw woody vegetation. Hike to the bottom of the falls, extremely … [Read More...], Contact Us! Though badgers are diggers, with claws and webbed front feet, they’re looking for smaller mammals to eat rather than creating homes like groundhogs. The alpine marmot, also known as the yellow-bellied marmot, lives in Asia, North America, and Europe, at high elevations. While beavers do look similar to woodchucks, the real confusion comes from the name. They have multiple mating partners and typically live alone. Aside from the confusion of groundhog vs. woodchuck, there are a few other similar-looking and acting animals to groundhogs. When I’m not out roaming around 50+ acres of pastures, woods, and a freshwater bass pond, I’m at my computer writing on Pest Pointers. They are weaned by late June or early July, and soon after strike out on their own. If we look at the scat itself it has hair in it which means that whatever dropped a load on my deck ate another animal or in scientific terminology is a carnivore, but wait, there’s also berry seeds in the scat making our carnivore now an omnivore. They are avid swimmers and can stay underwater for up to five minutes. Those living near people may visit compost piles, garbage cans, or food dishes intended for dogs, and cats. Though they are typically herbivores, they will sometimes eat baby birds or insects. Where I live we have the following mammals: Woodchucks, Fishers, Pine Martens, Bobcat, Gray Fox, Coyotes, Raccoons, Otter, Mink, Black Bears, Porcupines, Beaver, Muskrat, Whitetails, Moose, Snowshoe Hare and a handful of small rodents like Chipmunks and Red Squirrels. Nope, Woodchucks always, 99% of the time deficate in one of their underground chambers made especially for that purpose.

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