wolf rescue utah

As a leading wolf and wolf-dog rescue sanctuary that relies heavily on public donations, we could use your help! Copyright © 2010 - 2020 Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary | All rights reserved. Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to rescuing displaced, unwanted, and un-releaseable captive-bred wolves, wolfdogs, and other related species. Improving the quality of life for wolves and wolf dogs through Rescue, Sanctuary and Education. by Brittany McDonald | October 30, 2020 | Peek Into the Pack | 6 Comments. a puppy or adult Wolf Hybrid? We are dedicated to delivering all of the best qualities these dogs have to offer. are you will find a Wolf Hybrid that came from us. Drop us a line. We rely almost completely on the generous support of the public. Join Our Email List. The team is always eager to welcome new members to the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary Family! This 16-page publication has news, information, and features supporting our three principles; rescue, sanctuary, and education. These are some of the businesses that help us get great content into your hands! about "Personal Touch, Pet Safe" puppy travel. Can you help? To further support our rescues, the team focuses efforts on education, informing the visiting public of the plight of the wild canids we rescue, the cruelties of the exotic pet trade and the importance of not owning exotic animals as pets, and the humane treatment of our wild animal neighbors. Wolf conflicts: What a livestock owner should know — PDF We welcome animals from all over the United States, and each rescue is provided with permanent, safe sanctuary and lifelong care through nutrition, medical support, enrichment, and animal companionship, when applicable. For most families in Utah who are looking for a new puppy, I'm sorry, there are no Wolfdog rescue organizations that we have located in Utah. We rely on the kindness and support of individuals and organizations as deeply committed to the care of our rescues as we are. Federal Tax ID # 85-0424026. A Huge Thank You to Our 2020 Gala Sponsors! There are so many way you can help us to continue our mission. If you find a wolf dog puppy you fall in love with and want to take the wolf hybrid back to Utah, call Professional Wolf Hybrid Breeder Edye Marin at 530-990-2308 or email: edyemarin@gmail.com Our Wolf Hybrid Ranch is nestled on 30 acres at the base of the Marble … Wolf Extermination Programs Sanctioned By The Government. If you like to shop on Amazon, we have an Amazon Wish List, and you can even use Amazon Smile to help us when shopping for yourself. We are not an adoption agency; we are firm in our belief that wolves and wolfdogs should not be bred for adoption. With their influence, the government gave in to their demands and exterminated almost all wolves across the lower 48 states. Wolf management in Utah (updated Oct. 29, 2020) — PDF; Legal status. Sponsoring a rescue is a great way to help! Have a question about transportation? We do off road towing, recoveries, and rescues. To a Bigger and Better Home. will be given to you in writing. temperaments, and working ability. Information regarding the future of wolves in Utah. We specialize in wolf and wolfdog rescue, though we also rescue and care for foxes, Australian dingoes, New Guinea singing dogs, coyotes. We love our puppies and want them to end up with suitable All visitors to Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary must be escorted beyond the inner courtyard; no one is allowed to wander freely within the animal enclosure grounds. Please support them, if you can! W.O.L.F. We are that breeder! “Weekend Warriors” and “Long-Term Volunteers” have been critical to our success! Donate to W.O.L.F. We cover beautiful southern Utah, near Zion National park. to us to continue the betterment of the Hydrid breed. The adoption process is a very important decision. Dedicated to Wolf and Wolfdog Rescue and Sanctuary. Are you looking for Donations can be made in honor of a loved one, and you can even choose to donate a monthly amount. Would like some personal service? We are always grateful for help from individuals and groups. We rely heavily on donations of money and resources to keep our animals fed and well cared for. Unfortunately, due to strict area restrictions, we are not open to the general public. Help Build the Future of W.O.L.F. Help Us Move loving families. [sc:”BrokenLink”][sc:”AdPostLinkUnit”] To find additional Wolfdog dogs available for adoption check: Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, or California. Utah Wolf Management Plan. Please take a look around our site, and maybe you'll find your next furry friend! Welcome to WOOF Animal Rescue! We have the solution...We have a travel This requirement ensures the safety of our guests and, most importantly, reduces stress for many of our rescues. We know everything that there is to know coordination specialist that will help arrange for puppy transporation. Four times a year we publish a beautiful, full-color magazine for our howling supporters! Take a look at our home page to Wolf Mountain Sanctuary owns the rights to all images/videos taken at Wolf Mountain Sanctuary and can/will use them as they see fit. Only volunteers who have confirmed schedules and carpool rides are permitted at the Sanctuary. completely involved in taking care of the happiness and well being of our dogs. Our puppies are truly irresistible and make your family complete. Get news, information, and featured content delivered to your inbox, about once a month. Our focus is to raise Hybrids with superior dispositions, Yadkin Wolfden Is A Wolf Hybrid Breeder That Offers Wolf Hybrid Puppies For Sale, Wolf Hybrids For Sale, And Wolf Hybrid Breeder serving the cities of Provo, Salt Lake City, West Valley City in Utah as well as all locations throughout United States, Canada and Mexico. When you receive your puppy, this identical Health Guarantee see our parents interact with their babies and how the puppies have grown. We are a family owned private kennel committed to raising premium quality Wolf Hybrids at reasonable prices. Whether you live near the cities of Provo, Salt Lake City, West Valley City or any rural area in Utah, chances as you need, helping you select the right puppy for your family. As the 19th century approached, there was an increased demand for wider grazing areas by the wealthy livestock owners. However, our well-educated and trained staff are eager to share their knowledge, experiences, and passion with guests on tour! As a wolf and wolfdog rescue sanctuary, we are committed to educating the public on matters concerning ownership of wolves and wolfdogs, and lifetime care of our rescues. Donations of $50 or more are eligible when you donate, create a membership, or sponsor a rescue! Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary is almost entirely funded by donations and grants; we receive no government funding. Unfortunately, due to strict area restrictions, we are not open to the general public. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, dedicated to rescuing animals and placing them in well-matched forever homes. It is important Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to rescuing displaced, unwanted, and un-releaseable captive-bred wolves, wolfdogs, and other related species. Not only are you helping us to feed and care for our rescues, but you can get some cool rewards for yourself, like a sponsorship certificate and a fridge magnet, each featuring your sponsored rescue, and a huge discount on our official Membership t-shirt. They will melt your heart. the toughest challenge is finding a quality healthy puppy from a reputable breeder. Someone who is experienced with the breed and will help you with Before life at Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary, high-content wolf-dog Irwin was born to a breeder in Ohio and sold as a pet to a private owner.

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