why does erin hate holly in the office

This is because like Michael, Holly is also a total nerd, constantly joking around and having fun. I don’t want to convince you to watch The Office (although I highly recommend it), or why it is better than Parks and Recreation (although my biased opinion agrees), but rather to simply shed light on aspects of each character that people may not have thought about before. Kevin often makes terrible decisions and ideas, and thus is not taken very seriously by his coworkers. Finally, we breathe a sigh of relief when Erin kicks Andy to the curb for Pete, and even more so when Andy leaves for the showbiz. Let’s start with Pam…. Robert brings a new side of humor that the show hadn’t seen prior. Source(s): justME. However, when she feels she needs to “get back” at him, she resorts to hurting him; this is why she gets engaged to Andy and marries Senator Lipton. Erin is portrayed by Ellie Kemper. Its storyline was based on a small paper supply branch of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, located in Scranton, PA. My goal of this blog site is to do a few things: first, give you a basic understanding of the characters’ roles in the show…what they do, how they do it, etc. This is especially seen when he applies and interviews for the Manager job after Michael moves to Colorado with Holly. For example, he chooses the underdog Andy as his new manager, as well as pushes people like Kevin and Stanley to have major roles in new ideas for the company. 13 Season 1 was a complete clone of the U.K. version Not everyone has seen the original U.K. version of The Office, but if more people watched it, they'd likely be a bit thrown off at the similarities. He is a leader in the office, as well as someone who his coworkers look to for help and a few laughs. This causes Michael to apologize the only way he knows how. Although Angela is the other main female character in The Office, her personality is practically the opposite to Pam’s. This is because they both love to poke fun at Angela, who sits across from them. right right, but do you think that’s why in the show they made Erin hate Holly?? Pam is the “level-headed” one in the office. She rarely stands up for herself and she is always trying to impress Pam, her receptionist role model. Découvrez comment nous utilisons vos informations dans notre Politique relative à la vie privée et notre Politique relative aux cookies. Yahoo fait partie de Verizon Media. He loves them so much that he wants to always impress them, and when he fails, he becomes extremely frustrated, leading to some major outbursts. I think it is because her ears are a 7 and a 4. Karcher Fc5 Not Dispensing Water, In fact, as the series progresses, Jim is able to include others, including his wife, Pam. Could be they were going for a little jealousy there but that never went anywhere obviously. Her comments were pretty "adult" in that she just couldnt figure out what he saw in her, asking questions like "is she a good cook, or something?" Played by Paul Lieberstein and Amy Ryan, their appearances and impact on the office fluctuate. She gets hit by Michael and his car, rabies, attacked by a bat, and a bad case of lice to name a few. I don't think that it has anything to do with Erin looking at Michael as a father figure. With all that said, Oscar will always offer a helping hand. They both try to get things done and fail, leading to great scenes. Well, ok, Michael digs his own grave in this regard, too. Even with the many, many pranks, we see a very deep, caring version of Jim as the series progresses; this, in my opinion, is his best trait. so I was always sort of thrown off and confused on why Erin hates Holly so much, and just always assumed it was a joke I just didn’t get. However, this does not stop her from getting involved. More importantly, though, is his role in Season 9…. He understands how he can make the office run smoother and how he can make Pam happy. Toby is constantly being verbally abused by Michael, causing him to be less credible to the rest of the office. In fact, Paul Lieberstein was one of the original writers of The Office. Ryan often only wants Kelly when she is with someone else, and Kelly wants Ryan pretty much always. He fights corporate for many things, including a raise for Daryl (and himself); he never forgets a birthday; he stars them in a commercial  and a movie; he tries to be the best boss by having many meetings; he awards them with Dundies; and, he’s there for them during their biggest moments. On top of that, neither of their roles in the office are clear to either their coworkers or the audience. Lv 7. She is rarely afraid to tell anyone when they are offending her. For example, she gifts Dwight his own bobble head for Valentine’s Day and often tries to help him on his quest for office authority. Dwight famously becomes manager of the branch not once but twice. She is also extremely naive. For example, Jim decided to throw a barbecue party without Michael so he doesn’t make everyone super uncomfortable. However, Robert’s most important quality is that he is able to see things in other characters that may not have always noticed. Relevance. This week, let’s start with Erin. Kelly is not the “sharpest knife in the drawer.” She the most gullible in the office and believes practically everything that people say to her, no matter the topic. And Erin came from the foster care system so she probably has some deeper issues that weren’t discussed - thus leading to her hatred of Holly. Eventually, Pam sees this too. It is kind of immature on Erin's part, but it wasn't overly malicious if I recall. does anyone agree with me?? This is especially important when the show was beginning to wind down and needed a new direction to go to in order to properly finish. I cannot figure out exactly why, but there is a very distinct change. It seems Robert knows everything about everything and is intimidating to everyone. Toby colors and plays Go Fish with Michael, even getting him to open up about his childhood and why he constantly desires to be loved. Even still, just like Oscar gets himself into trouble with his mouth, Kevin also has a tendency to do the same due to his passion for food. 1969 Mustang For Sale Craigslist Ohio, I don't know if they ever explicitly showed her "coming around" to Holly and Michael as a couple, but I'm sure she did. Holly loves to follow the rules and tries to make sure things are done the right way, yet she still loves to have a good time and joke. What amuses me though is that, even before Erin got to know Holly, she seemed to find her extremely unattractive and was constantly trying to figure out reasons as to why Michael liked her. Jim Halpert, played by John Krasinski, is another one of the main characters from The Office, next to Dwight and Michael. She comes into the series at the end of season 4 to replace Toby as the Human Resources representative in the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin. Why? While Jim and Pam are away, Oscar is the only “sane” one left, causing him to take a larger leadership role than he is comfortable with. More important to Kelly, though, is gossip; she always needs to know what is going in the office – and everyone in it. It would be criminal to not do a post about the World’s Best Boss, Michael Scott. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. 1 Answer. Without either of them, the show could not be a show. but the more I watch the show, the more I pick up on little things that align perfectly with the character arcs and storyline. Which ultimately leads to their relationship…, I like to throw these little fun facts into my posts, so this is probably a good spot… not only were Novak and Kaling two main writers to the show (with Lieberstein), but they also dated (briefly) in REAL LIFE. Not only do they end up marrying Jim and Dwight (who you now know are two very important men), but they also have lots of roles in the show, which often leads to them driving the plot forward. However, beneath the cold, tactical surface of the salesman, one finds a very compassionate person. Thank you all for checking in with “The Office: What They Brought,” and I hope to see you all back again real soon. This is especially when he is bested by those who shouldn’t be able to best him. With that said, I plan on including lots of links to scenes, allowing those of you who haven’t watched the show (and those who have) to get a better idea of what I’m referencing. I agree that there is something there, most likely linked to her relationship with Michael. When Dwight is struggling through a break up with Angela, Jim does the best he can to let Dwight know that he’ll be alright. They then move to Colorado and have four children. Kevin is, well, not very good at his job… or any job for that matter. This is apparent when Toby leaves for Costa Rica (and when he comes back). And just like that, we have one post left! Ok, I know what you all are thinking right now – “man, Matt is totally going after Michael right now… Michael doesn’t deserve all this hate.” You’re right, he doesn’t. Yes, he at times is very condescending and judgmental, especially when he determines that the people around him are doing something wrong. Why does Erin hate Holly on the office? [normal voice again] Because I hate your programs!

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