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Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts who previously hosted the midday show on WFAN since 2007, host the afternoon drive program. During baseball season, the Yankees have first priority of airtime over all of the other teams. On October 10, 2009 WFAN moved from its studio location for its first 22 years, the landmarked Kaufman Astoria Studios in Astoria, Queens. Totally sux. [citation needed], As it had before when it took over the frequency formerly belonging to WHN, WFAN inherited broadcast rights from WNBC as WFAN to this day operates under WNBC's original license. WEAF's call letters were changed to WNBC in 1946, then to WRCA in 1954, and back to WNBC in 1960. Former host Sid Rosenberg once asked Jerome if he was upset that he was not taking his eagerly anticipated trip " Colorado? Mike  Francesa is the only guy worth a damn. The station is owned and operated by CBS Radio, and has simulcast CBS' sports radio station, WFAN (660 AM), since November 1, 2012. When these games are broadcast over the air, listeners who have Internet access receives alternate sports talk programming through CBS Sports Radio. One of Lou's favorite candies is Twizzlers, but he calls them Tweezers. In early 1988 General Electric, which now owned NBC through its purchase of RCA two years earlier, announced that it would close NBC's radio division and sell its owned-and-operated stations. Steve Somers hosts during most other evenings, often leading into and/or following live game broadcasts. As a result of the North American Regional Broadcasting Agreement of 1941, WEAF became a clear-channel station and could be heard across most of the eastern half of North America at night. In 1992, Emmis sold WFAN to Infinity Broadcasting, which would be purchased by Westinghouse Electric Corporation – CBS' then-parent company – in 1997. WFAN and Westwood One also brought in outside personalities into the slot. Additionally, in a nod to the former WNBC, update anchors often end their top-of-the-hour updates with the catchphrase "And that's what's happening ...", which is how WNBC on-air news readers had ended their updates. Waldman reported for the station, covering the New York Yankees and New York Knicks for 14 years. Charles McCord left the station shortly after the announcement was made and has since rejoined Don Imus at WABC. The first live voice heard on WFAN was that of Suzyn Waldman, with a sports update,[3] followed by the first show, which was hosted by Jim Lampley. His pomposity and all knowing attitude is unprecedented. WFAN was created in 1997 to serve as a network of women engaged in various aspects of sustainable agriculture, from farming to policy-making to purchasing healthy food for our families. 91 Springboard. The station spent much of the 1970s and early 1980s flipping between the Top 40 and adult contemporary formats, with varying success. Available on select cable and satellite providers in the Southwest United States as a regional superstation. In a further drive to boost ratings, Imus instigated a feud with Franklin, much as he had with Howard Stern at WNBC in the mid-1980s. Boomer should go on his own. I thought when Mike Francesa "retired" I was finally rid of him as the most abusive, surly, and arrogant sports talk show host. Callers are an important facet of WFAN programming. – that has been replayed ever since, especially on the July 1 WFAN anniversaries. Mid mornings hosts Joe Beningo and some young guy are ok but but poor Joe is the long suffering Jets fan who is to negative about his teams. Jerome, when he still called WFAN regularly, was known as being the only caller to have an audio intro, much like those played at the top of each show. Callers from these locations are not uncommon, especially as some of the on-air staffers have backgrounds in those regions (Bob Heussler does radio play-by-play for the Connecticut Sun, Fairfield Stags basketball and has done radio play-by-play for UConn basketball and football, while Chris Carlin handles Rutgers football games). His 1pm-6:30pm drivetime show has call screeners who boot anyone who doesnt agree with Michael. During the fall and early winter, the Giants have first priority followed by the Nets. There are also nationally syndicated radio shows, such as The Jim Rome Show and 2 Live Stews. This was primarily due to a desire by the hosts to keep their show New York-centric. HmmmFinally, the schmoozer in the evenings. WFAN is also heard on WFAN-FM. [26], The same day—Carton surprised everyone by welcoming back host Sid Rosenberg,[27] and Rosenberg later joined Francesa for a short interview the next day. The fact is Mike is no more knowledgeable than your average avid sports fan, but he thinks he's better than all his callers. D-O-E-N [sic], DONE!" How sad. A highly emotional Russo began to break down on air as he talked about his partnership with Francesa. They Keep Me Smiling All Day. In 2017, these broadcasts were hosted by Kim Jones and Carl Banks from Dan Rooney's Sports Bar at Empire City Casino in Yonkers, New York. Mr. Mr. Mittelman's health problems had kept him from the WFAN airwaves on a regular basis from late 2004 until … WFAN does broadcast some of the tournament, but the majority of it—including the Final Four and the National Championship Game—is carried by WEPN-FM. Two days after making the comments, Imus issued a public apology. [34] WFAN offered its hosts and listeners a sounding board for their own feelings and comments, which were both for and against his dismissal. Around-the-clock national sports coverage and programming brought to you by high-profile personalities from CBS Sports and CBS Sports Network. The afternoon replacements were just as bad.On September 6 Mike called one of his listeners a clown and a fool. He has also used the alias "David from Manhattan. The switch to 660 AM added the New York Knicks and, Subject to availability; all currently operating as superstations are distributed in the United States through the. Carton was suspended indefinitely by CBS Radio[38] and later resigned from the station. Signal strength varies depending on factors such as weather and elevation. WFAN once produced some of Fox Sports Radio's programming, notably Chris "Mad Dog" Russo's Saturday show, but the relationship did not last even one year for the same reason that Mike'd Up is syndicated nationally only through the YES Network—the hosts often talk about the NFL on a national basis, but stick mostly to local coverage of baseball. Other regular overnight and weekend hosts include Jody McDonald, Chris Moore, Richard Neer, Bob Salter, Rick Wolff and Ed Randall. They make seasick." WFAN, (660 AM, also known as "Sports Radio 66 AM and 101.9 FM" or "The FAN") is a radio station licensed to New York City and is owned and operated by Entercom. On September 5, 1989, a jointly hosted afternoon drive show with Francesa and Christopher "Mad Dog" Russo – who had been a weekend/fill-in host to that time – would premiere. John Jastremski works the majority of the overnight shifts and hosts during the evenings on weekends. The update team consists of Harris Allen, Mike McCann, Erica Herskowitz, Bob Heussler, Joey Wahler, Chris Lopresti, and Jerry Recco. Funny banter back and forth between those two guys. Eli Strand (1943–2008), known when calling as "Eli from Westchester", was another famous repeat caller. Doris Bauer was one of the best-known late-night regular callers to WFAN. Imus made the remarks during a conversation with the show's producer, Bernard McGuirk, and Sid Rosenberg (who was on the phone).[33]. Boomer and Gio's Moment of the Day: August 27, 2020. Hear the audio that matters most to you. It's time to try something else, but it was a tough decision to make. The three most recent beneficiaries of the radiothon were Tomorrow's Children's Fund,[18] the CJ Foundation for SIDS,[19] and the Imus Ranch. WWOR-TV sports anchor Russ Salzberg, who also worked an evening sportscast, was more than willing to assume the midday show duties. In February of that year GE made a multi-station deal with Emmis and, in New York City the WNBC license for 660 was included in the sale. Initially WFAN aired sports news and score updates every 15 minutes (at the quarter-hour), but by 1991 began doing updates every 20 minutes (at :00, :20 and :40 past the hour). WFAN-FM. Rosenberg was forced to resign from WFAN on September 12, 2005 after being given an ultimatum by station management for not showing up to host the New York Giants' pregame show the day before. The last voice heard on WNBC was that of Alan Colmes, who counted down the seconds to WNBC's demise with the NBC chimes (the notes G-E-C) playing in the background. He's great but with those other idiots it sucks. On June 25, 2012, notable current staff announced their favorite moments, interviews, and teams. At 3:00 p.m. on July 1, 1987, Emmis Communications-owned WFAN signed on at 1050 kHz, replacing country music station WHN, and billing itself as the world's first 24-hour-per-day sports talk station. WFAN discontinued the thrice-hourly updates on January 2, 2018; updates now occur only at the top of the hour.[5]. Alternatively, callers instead regularly listen to WFAN's feed or its morning show simulcast on the CBS Sports Network, along with any other coverage simulcast through their league partner's paid audio streaming options. Any sports talk show with more than one person becomes a comedy show. It occurred when Salzberg "banned" Eli from Westchester[21] from calling his show due to his comments that Salzberg considered to be inappropriate. The following day, CBS Radio dismissed Imus,[33] at the time leaving WFAN with a very large programming—and money-earning—void in its schedule. As MSNBC also held its own claim to the slot, the cable network was able to have its own replacement shows simulcasted; these programs were hosted by in-house personalities David Gregory, Jim Cramer, and Joe Scarborough; eventually Scarborough would become the permanent replacement host on MSNBC with Morning Joe. By 1928 WEAF was purchased by NBC's parent company, the Radio Corporation of America. Joe Benigno had been a frequent caller to "The Fan" (especially the Mike and the Mad Dog show) as "Joe from Saddle River" and his calls were typically interesting and insightful. As of April 2010, WFAN stopped streaming live on the Internet to listeners outside of the United States. Both Imus and Franklin took shots at each other during their shows, Franklin calling Imus "Minus" and Imus recording parodies of radio commercials where he bashed Franklin as a "dinosaur", among other things.

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