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It was Connell who claimed the word Gooner for Arsenal fans, originally a taunt, and who led charges at Highbury stadium’s Clock End to ‘take’ ground held by away supporters. “It was no place for kids. Grandfathers in some cases. “The worst violence I saw was at a Cardiff-Swansea game when a policeman had a dart in his head. They’ll have contacts in the music industry, membership of private clubs and a decent pension plan. “I didn’t mug anyone, I didn’t sell drugs. Shaun Sheridan, a member of West Ham's notorious 'Inter City Firm', plotted mass violence in a series of text messages to his rivals. He loved “the whole feel of Highbury,” he told me, “and the sense of camaraderie in following your team. In October 2007, at age 46, in Moscow, Connell died in a car crash while on tour with the Pet Shop Boys. His influence was huge in that respect.”, Once in North London, Connell turned up to a National Front gathering with some mates from the Herd, barged his way to the front, and carried a Union Jack flag on a march. After his death, Arsenal Football Club was criticized by his friends for refusing to allow the wake to be held in their hospitality rooms. “I couldn’t have imagined doing that back in the 80s,” he says. Some believe it was inevitable. Dom arrives late at the football game and is put in goal. What Happened To Jls, Click & Collect. One member of the Herd says, “He was offered coin to do a book, but to make it a great book you have to name names, and he wasn’t a grass.”. If there was danger I wouldn’t take them. He is also credited with coining the term Gooner. Everyone said it was Dainton, although his associates insist he was at the Clock End.” There were other, conflicting accounts as to Connell’s whereabouts that afternoon. It was 1977. The irony is not lost on the man. There is still trouble at games. Many, including Connell, were the children of parents who’d arrived in the United Kingdom during the immediate postwar era. He looks through the window and sees that the firm are enjoying themselves and do not appear to be mourning Bex, with Trigger now seemingly in charge. Sharife Cooper Workout, Abraham cuts an imposing figure. But the stories persist. They are fathers. A herd of animals—not cool, not clever. A knife scar on his temple proved that the terrace battles often got seriously unpleasant. Api Ratuniyarawa, He refused to give his surname because he is simply known as ‘QPR Gregor’ all over the country. “If there was still a scene would I let my daughter go? I’d gone out with a bang. Stoke Therapeutics Pipeline, But he gave little away about his controversial past as a football hooligan. He was recognized everywhere, unlike Neil [Tennant] and me!” Whether at an Elton John fancy dress party in white tie and tails, or Matt Lucas’s 30th birthday bash as Dickens character Mr. Pickwick, Connell was happy to mix with anyone, from Brian Eno to former Sex Pistols frontman (and Arsenal fan) John Lydon. A decade after his death, a mystique still surrounds him. “It was unbelievable. How Tariffs Work, Membership of a firm was open to anyone who supported the team and was prepared to fight for it, but a close-knit group of long-serving, battle-hardened and often style-conscious ‘top boys’ organised away trips and meeting points, acting as generals, issuing tactical instructions and insisting wannabe recruits prove their mettle. Our coach now is transformed. Such was one particularly ominous Twitter response I received after putting out feelers on Dainton Connell, a.k.a. As the Pet Shop Boys toured less frequently, Connell juggled family life (he was father to three children) with security work and managing an Oxford Street luggage shop. Sign up now and get a free preview of Issue 16! Coast Guard Civilian Jobs, I also liked being on the terrace and the banter and the humor.”, He recalled attending Arsenal matches in the mid-’70s when the most notorious Highbury hooligan was Johnny Hoy. I go to watch Cardiff every week but that’s only because my daughters love it so much.”. He moved to Wood Green and spent the rest of his life living and working in London. Bex compliments Dom's courage, saying that he has a lot of guts to walk in and face him. Yet there remains an insatiable lust for tales of terrace battles, and for the camaraderie and the thrill of the fight from that era. Copyright 2020. www.BreadMasters.com. His reputation is greater than his size. Connell mellowed as the 1980s came to a close. “Not at all,” he says. You know, Fils, Armani. Pet Shop Boys singer Chris Lowe recalls: “Dainton struck up friendships wherever he went, in any country. “He’d use irony, parody, humor—whatever—to calm what could be hugely tense situations. Rubbish. Wolves were playing Luton. Scarlxrd New Album 2020, He admitted, “It was originally used by a group of us as our nickname, and although nowadays thousands of Arsenal fans describe themselves as Gooners and there is a fanzine called The Gooner, it certainly wasn’t a widely used phrase back in the day.” I pushed one last question his way, “So is it true that you invented the term Gooner?” “Oh,” he replied, “I wouldn’t say that.”. You might think that the infamous football hooliganism of the 1980s was all mindless violence, but out of the fray emerged a new breed of businessmen and creatives whose entrepreneurial spirit was forged on the terraces. Dom later meets Jay, and the two go to the sports shop and steal a load of gear. Collins Campbell recalls, “On one occasion, he walked up to one guy and threatened him.

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