war thunder b29 best bomb load

It sits at BR 6.3 which means it could face late war super props and early jets. The B-29 follows the B-24 Liberator in the U.S. bomber branch, and is the last American propeller powered bomber in the US Tech Tree. The Short Stirling was the RAF’s first four-engined bomber, meeting pre-war specifications that required a 14,000 lb bomb load capacity and a challenging range of 3,000 miles. This American heavy bomber boasts one of the most massive payloads in War Thunder. This is why most heavy bombers armed with these have a huge amount to drop. Feel free to send us your own wallpaper and we will consider adding it to appropriate category. My review of these nations are my own opinion and experiences may vary from user to user, based on flying skill, technique, and style. The B29 can destroy enemy bases with a single pass over. War Thunder Bomb Damage Guide ... Best bet is to drop at the very minimum 2 bombs on AA, Artillery, and other lightly armored target. It depends on what you want. War Thunder is one of the many games I have spent countless hours on. I want to share my thoughts on the various countries that are available to virtual pilots. It costs 120,000 RP to research. 250kg-500lb bombs= Now we can start doing some damage . It is one of the most powerful and heavily armed bombers in War Thunder. The Boeing B29 Superfortress is an American heavy bomber produced by Boeing with a stock load-out of 20 500 lb bombs and capable of doubling that amount to 40. Download, share and comment wallpapers you like. We've got 54+ great wallpaper images hand-picked by our users. B-29 Wallpaper. Image via War Thunder Wiki. It is a Tier 4 bomber that costs 360,000 SL to buy and 100,000 SL to train a crew for. Do you want a bomber that can take out all three bombing targets by itself, like the Halifax or the Blohm & Voss 238 (BV 238). It houses five turrets, each armed with two 0.5” (12.7mm) machine guns. Do you want a bomber that is fast and can fight back, like the American B-34. Looking for the best B-29 Wallpaper?

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