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Meanwhile, my sabbatical bench mate, Wes Sundquist, was now an assistant professor in Utah and invited me to give a seminar. Steve had constantly been encouraging me to get interested in crystallography, saying that someone with my physics and small-angle scattering background would have no trouble learning it. He managed to acquire a low-speed table-top centrifuge, and would get blocks of ice from a nearby ice factory, crush them, and place them around the centrifuge so that his samples would remain cold during enzyme purification. Starting an Independent Career at Brookhaven The Yale neutron effort on ribosomes was the direct result of instrumentation developed by Benno Schoenborn for the biological use of neutron crystallography and scattering at Brookhaven National Laboratory. I went hiking and hopped on freight trains with my good friend and class mate Sudhir Kaicker, learned about western classical music from another friend, Anthony Grimaldi, played on the chess team, read literature, and went to concerts. The first memory of school I had is of watching kids play and not understanding a word. We were not enamored of the car-oriented commuting lifestyle of Long Island. I did not do well enough to qualify for admission to either institution. There was also the business of trying to explain what this ancient molecule was, why it was important, and why all these people spent their lives studying it. We had rented a large car at the airport in which to carry all our luggage and our bicycles. The Politics of Scientific Recognition People go into science out of curiosity, not to win an award. One of these was a limited-term position at the National Bureau of Standards with Alex Wlodawer. MLA style: Venkatraman Ramakrishnan – Biographical. I therefore wrote a letter to Aaron Klug, pointing out that I had crystallized GH5 and would like to come for a year to learn enough crystallography to solve its structure. As I approached the final years of school, I realised that unless I changed, things were not going to work out. But, growing up in India, nobody really encourages you to become one. Micromax IN 1b vs Realme C11 vs Redmi 9: Which one to get? After my marriage at the age of 23, I was suddenly no longer alone but had a wife and a five-year-old stepdaughter, Tanya Kapka. Desai, were very excited to be teaching the new curriculum for the first time, and their enthusiasm was infectious. This was partly because of my rather unusual career path, the fact that my degrees were from less than first-rate institutions, and perhaps more importantly, universities did not know what to think of a physicist turned biologist using an esoteric technique like neutron scattering. Of the current members of the lab, Martin Schmeing, Caj Neubauer, Rebecca Voorhees, Hong Jin and Yong-Gui Gao work on many different aspects of the translational pathway including elongation, termination and quality control. In the second of these, GH5, I had shown that one could treat MAD data as a special case of isomorphous replacement with anomalous scattering. John politely smiled at this, and I found out a day later that he, a world-famous scientist, only had a desk and a small part of a lab bench! I also disagree with the business of inviting VIP scientists and shepherding them away, only getting a talk from them, not allowing them to mingle/engage with the attendees.

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