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Clinical symptoms, associated with IBV infection, may be assessed 3-10 days post-infection. IBV has a 27.6 kb RNA genome and like all coronaviruses contains the four structural proteins; spike glycoprotein (S), small membrane protein (E), integral membrane protein (M) and nucleocapsid protein (N) which interacts with the genomic RNA. full-length genome GGTTAATCTTAGATCATGGACCAAAACACATCTTAACGTGTGTTAGGTGCGTGATTTTGT TCTATTAGGTACTCCTTTTGTGGTAATGGACGACATGTTCTAACCATACCGCAAAATGCA Coronaviruses are divided into four groups, as shown below: The variant replicase gene of the coronavirus of the present invention may be derived from an alphacoronavirus such as TGEV; a betacoronavirus such as MHV; or a gammacoronavirus such as IBV. 7 The recombinant vaccinia virus (rVV) may be made using a vaccinia-virus based reverse genetics system. TAGGTGGTTTACACACTGTTATAGGTATGTGCAGACTTTTACGTGCGAATAAGTTGAACG M41R-nsp10, 15rep—M41-R with the mutations in Nsp-10 and Nsp-15 repaired, M41R-nsp10, 14, 15rep—M41-R with mutations in Nsp-10, -14 and -15 repaired, M41R-nsp10, 14, 16rep—M41-R with mutations in Nsp-10, -14 and -16 repaired, M41R-nsp10, 15, 16rep—M41-R with mutations in Nsp-10, -15 and -16 repaired, M41-K—All four mutations, Nsp-10, -14, -15 & -16 repaired in M41-R. Help preserve this vital resource. The present invention generally relates to the stabilisation of foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) capsids, by specific substitution of amino acids in a specific region of FMDV VP2. CCAAGTCCAACTCCGGATCAGGATTCTTATGGAGGAGCTTCTGTGTGTCTTTATTGTAGA TAGATCAAGGCGTAGAAAAAGCAGTTTTTTTTAATCAAACAATTCTGCCTAGATCTGTAG ATTTAATTAAGTGTGGTAAGTTACTGGTAAGAGATGTTGGTAACACCTCTTTTACTAGTG The nucleotide sequence may comprise the substitutions C12137T, G18114C and T19047A. NA Each replacement cDNA contained approx. This material may not be reproduced without permission. TATGCAGATTTTGTGACTTCTTATAATGCAGCTGTTACTGCTGGTTTTACTTTTTGGGTTACTAAT The vaccine may be administered together with one or more other vaccines, for example, vaccines for other diseases, such as Newcastle disease virus (NDV). Armesto et al., Transient dominant selection for the modification and generation of recombinant infectious bronchitis coronaviruses, Methods Mol. GCACATATAGCACACCCTGGCGGAGCAGGAAATTTAGATGGACGCTGTCAATTTAAAGGT The first IBV serotype to be identified was Massachusetts, but in the United States several serotypes, including Arkansas and Delaware, are currently circulating, in addition to the originally identified Massachusetts type. In one embodiment, the coronavirus of the present invention has a reduced pathogenicity compared to the parental M41-CK virus from which it was derived or a control coronavirus. 0/19 ACGTTTCAGATTGTGTAGTGTTTGTCACGTGGTGTCATGGCCTAGAACTAACCACTTTGC GAATTACCACAGCGTATTGCAGCACTTAAGATGGCTTTTGCTAAGTGTGCCAAGTCCATT They are currently working overtime trying to help fight COVID-19. 5—Ciliary activity of M41R-nsp10rep and M41R-nsp14,15,16rep compared to M41-R-12 and M41-CK in tracheal rings isolated from tracheas taken from infected chicks (Bars show mock; M41-R12; M41R-nsp10rep; M41R-nsp14,15,16rep and M41-CK EP5 from left to right of each timepoint). In young chickens, severe respiratory distress may occur. 24. Maternal antibodies are known to interfere with active immunization. The synthetic cDNAs containing the M41-derived Nsp sequences were added by homologous recombination utilising the inventor's previous described transient dominant selection (IDS) system (see PCT/GB2010/001293). CTGAATCGTGGCAGGAGTGGGAGATCAACAGCAGCTTCATCAGCAGCATCTAGTAGAGCA A method for making the coronavirus according to claim 1 which comprises the following steps: 16. you sure you want to cancel Monthly update? The coronavirus may be used to produce a vaccine. Polar- uncharged challenge in SPF chickens, for design see Table 7. The nucleotide sequence may be codon optimised for production in the host/host cell of choice. GCAGCAAGGATAATTCAGGATCAGCAGAAGAAGGGTTCTCGCATTACAAAGGCTAAGGCT GGCTGCCACAACATGTTTATAACACGTGATGAGGCTATCCGCAACGTAAGAGGTTGGGTAGGTTTT GTGLFKICNKEFSGVHPAYAVTTKALAATYKVNDELAALVNVEAGSEITYKHLISLLGFKMSVNVE Treatment All coronaviruses also encode a set of accessory protein genes of unknown function that are not required for replication in vitro, but may play a role in pathogenesis. KIGKDQVCSCGSRATTFNSHTQAYACWKHCLGFDFVYNPLLVDIQQWGYSGNLQFNHDLHCNVHGH The nucleotide sequence may comprise the substitutions T19047A and G20139A. PATENTED CASE. Typically the pathogenicity of a coronavirus is determined by assaying disease associated symptoms, for example sneezing, snicking and reduction in tracheal ciliary activity. CTCATCAAACGGTAAAACCAGGTCACTTTAACAAGGATTTCTACGATTTTGCAGAGAAGG Since that time the virus has crept towards Europe. Cavanagh et al., Manipulation of the infectious bronchitis coronavirus genome for vaccine development and analysis of the accessory proteins, Vaccine, 25(30):5558-62 (2007). TGGCTTCAGGTGGCAGCAAAAATCCAAGTTTCGGCTATGGCGATGCGCAGGCTTGTTGGA 7. Feline coronavirus has two forms, feline enteric coronavirus is a pathogen of minor clinical significance, but spontaneous mutation of this virus can result in feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), a disease associated with high mortality. GACGCATACAAAAATTGCACTGCAGGACCTTTAGGTTTTCTTAAGGACCTTGCGTGTGCT The sequence may have one or more deletions, insertions or substitutions of amino acid residues which produce a silent change and result in a functionally equivalent molecule. Nsp CCAAATGCACCGAGAGGCACTAAAGGGTTTGAAGTCGTTGGTAATGCCAAAGGTACACAA AAACATGTTATGGCATACATGGACACTTTCCTATTGCCTACATTGATTACAGTTATTATT The present invention also provides a kit comprising a vaccine according to the invention together with one or more other vaccine(s) for separate, sequential or simultaneous administration. 15 The term ‘replicase gene’ is used herein to refer to a nucleic acid sequence which encodes for replicase proteins. The present invention provides an attenuated African Swine Fever (ASF) virus which lacks a functional version of the following genes: multigene-family 360 genes 9L, 10L, 11L, 12L, 13L and 14L; and multigene-family 505 genes 1R, 2R, 3R and 4R. GCAAATTCAAAAATGCATGCTTATCTTGTTGAGTTACACAATAAAATCCTCGCATCTGAT Saline The resulting IBV cDNA consisted of 5′ UTR-Nsp2-Nsp3 from M41, Nsp4-Nsp16 from Beaudette and the structural and accessory genes and 3′ UTR from M41. Gammacoronavirus is a genus of animal virus belonging to the family Coronaviridae. NA We included one video from YouTube that examines some of the possibilities we discussed above so you can see what is being said out there. IB M41-R The nucleotide sequence may comprise the substitutions G18114C and G20139A. 15. of The coronavirus according to claim 1 which has reduced pathogenicity compared to a coronavirus expressing a corresponding wild-type replicase, wherein the virus is capable of replicating without being pathogenic to the embryo when administered to an embryonated egg. The choice of pharmaceutical carrier, excipient or diluent can be selected with regard to the intended route of administration and standard pharmaceutical practice. Five to six different currently known strains of coronaviruses infect humans.

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