tyler perrys house of payne season 7 episode 19

Malik goes off to college; Miranda is overwhelmed when Calvin Jr. visits. Curtis and Ella believe that Janine and C.J. Meanwhile, Ella has had enough of Janine once she learns that she has been taking advantage of her. Jazmine is sick but C.J. When he learns that Ella decided to cancel their holiday vacation to help celebrate C.J. Follow. Watch fullscreen. Season 2 - New Season Tuesdays 10/9C ... Tyler Perry's House of Payne S7 EP1 | Full Episode | 21:31 SUBSCRIBE. Playing next. Guest stars: Eva Marcille as Tracie Clatyon English as Peanut Quincy Bonds as Pookie. Meanwhile, Curtis can't talk after his tonsillectomy, but manages to get Janine and C.J. urges Calvin to have a much-needed conversation with Ella. Overwhelmed Ella falls behind in her studies due to church duties, household duties, and nurturing the family; when she fails a test she needs to graduate, she snaps on the family. Deciding on the best way to handle some of their brooding issues, the Payne household decide to seek a family therapist. We're on the red carpet, backstage and behind the scenes talking to the biggest athletes and stars, and bringing it all to you. Guest star: Eva Marcille as Tracie, While the crew responds to an emergency call, Curtis finds himself all alone at the firehouse with a very pregnant woman. Meanwhile Bart brings his obnoxious nephew Peter to the firehouse where he challenges Malik to a firemen's duel. Claretha secretly deals with the possibility of losing her home; the family participates in a talent show C.J. Copyright © Fandango. to take care of him longer than they should. Blue, Janine's former drug dealer, demands that he receives the money that she owes him or he will threaten to harm the family. Miranda gets cooking advice after she makes a horrible dinner for Ella's club. C.J. C.J. It stars LaVan Davis as Curtis Payne, Cassi Davis as Ella Payne, Allen Payne as CJ Payne, Lance Gross as Calvin Payne, Demetria McKinney as Janine Payne and Keshia Knight Pulliam as Miranda Payne.. Actress Denise Burse has been reduced to a recurring role this season. Browse more videos. Guest star: Robinne Lee as Nicole Jamieson, As C.J. STREAM EXCLUSIVE ORIGINALS, TYLER PERRY AND CLASSIC HITS, Madea’s Farewell The Play - Virtual Museum. The aftershocks of a fire impact Miranda and Calvin; Tracie and her new boyfriend show up at the hospital causing a huge argument. The Payne family ties are once again tested when Malik becomes embarrassed by Janine's arrival as he wants to avoid being taunted by his classmates because of his troubled mother. Meanwhile, Calvin and Tracie's relationship begins to wilt when Tracie questions if Calvin's ready for a mature relationship. 's wishes and allows her to bunk on the couch, unbeknownst to the rest of the family. Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. Ella is sick so Curtis has to do all the chores. The season contained 22 episodes. The Payne family returns with new challenges. Meanwhile, Malik sets out to buy new shoes by getting a job as a paperboy but he soon discovers that it's a lot of responsibility than he originally thought. about kissing Monica. Library. But the drama ensues when C.J. 9 months ago | 219 views. and Calvin to help plan a surprise birthday party for Ella, and Janine discovers a vape pen and weed mints in Jazmine's pockets. Search. Ella brings troubled youth Deshawn (Bobb'e J. Thompson) home from the help center and Curtis brings out his true colors; Janine and Miranda's competition to get into an exclusive daycare gets ugly. Guest stars: Robinne Lee as Nicole Jamieson, David Mann as Mr. Brown and Eva Marcille as Tracie, An old friend of Curtis is on town and begins to set his sights on Claretha, much to the dismay of Ella. Calvin was heartbroken but Pookie and Peanut came to the rescue. Note: This was Bobb’e J. Thompson’s first appearance as Deshawn. remaining trapped inside underneath the rumble. Don't have an account? Calvin confronts his mom about taking to Miranda, and C.J. Note: Beginning with this episode, the show aired one episode a week. But when she has to go to the hospital Jazmine starts to take advantage of the family. C.J. A music producer wants to sign Jazmine; Calvin is embarrassed by his new grocery-store manager job. shows up with a woman. and Janine look for a hobby they can share. Wednesdays 8/7C. Note: This episode featured Cassi Davis telling viewers about losing 75 pounds during her time on House of Payne. The family is suspicious of Janine's actions. A fight over breakfast leaves Ella feeling unappreciated, the house becomes a mess when Curtis is left to fend for himself, and Miranda confesses her feelings for Calvin. Absent: Denise Burse as Claretha and Demetria McKinney as Janine. Meanwhile, Calvin is devastated once he receives the news that Tracie wants to move back in with her ex and end their relationship. Sign up here. follows after her yelling, and Curtis and Ella observe, looking confused. Check out information to watch 7 - 19: So Hard to Say Goodbye online including episode summaries, ratings, and links to stream on SideReel. upgrades Janine's wedding ring. Jazmine prays to pass a test instead of applying herself; Calvin grows jealous of the baby. Guest star: Eva Marcille as Tracie, Jazmine reveals her fear of visiting the dentist when she develops a painful toothache. Meanwhile, Calvin gets out of jail and Miranda gives birth. 's consent. Tyler Perry's The Oval In this Tyler Perry drama, a seemingly perfect interracial first family becomes the White House's newest residents. Guest stars: George Wallace as Jimmy and Daniele Gaither as Smokey. After a young firefighter's death, Ella decides that it's time for her and Curtis to make their wills. Guest star: Eva Marcille as Tracie. Tyler Perrys House Of Payne Season 1 Episode 19 Sadly Mistaken. Hip hop clashes with pop culture in an exciting and groundbreaking webseries for BET. Curtis looks for his lucky playing cards in anticipation of a game with the guys, and Ella's relationship advice creates an awkward confrontation. Guest star: Lisa Arrindell Anderson as Dr. Gilrest, Janine and C.J. and Janine decide to sleep together and the whole family (except Malik and Jazmine) find out including Claretha who was spying on them. Janine and C.J. Aired 9-2-2020 Home > Tyler Perry's House of Payne > Season 9 > Episode 13 « TV Season Page. Ella's niece Renee comes from out of town to enter in the Health Center's College Scholarship Program, but she's mistreated because of the way she acts. At the end of the episode C.J. C.J. and the Terms and Policies, Report. She seeks help from Ella as she is nervous about her impending job interview and needs a place to stay for the night. Curtis and Ella have a weight-loss competition; Jazmine starts wearing makeup, hanging out with the wrong crowd, and having boys over when no adult is home; and C.J. thinks he may have found the perfect new apartment for him and the kids, but he soon learns that his dream home is too good to be true. Meanwhile, Miranda goes on a grooming strike. Meanwhile, Malik tries to impress a girl. As C.J. Farm, respectively) on Disney Channel and Disney XD. Jayden may have autism and Janine blames herself. An uncalculated move results in Calvin rushing to safety and C.J. In the ending moments, Roland calls Janine into work; C.J. Season 9, Episode 7. is being stalked by a mentally unstable woman he rescued. But he finds Curtis' gun in the closet and soon believes that he's found the answer to his problem. All the Payne men help Malik prepare for college by offering advice and condoms, and in the season's funniest sequence, all the Payne women find out. and to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango. Log in. Deshawn's mother shows up at the Paynes'; C.J. © 2020 BET Interactive, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Black Entertainment Television LLC. The firehouse becomes the subject of a new reality series about firefighters, but the producer of the show tampers with everyone's interviews by showing them in a not-so perfect image. 's friends invite them to a party, but they fail to realized that they're not married. Miranda turns to Ella for advice, and Calvin introduces his new girlfriend Laura to his parents. Actress Denise Burse has been reduced to a recurring role this season. He returns to reality after being in a dream state where Madea haunts him into realizing the true meaning of the holiday season.

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