trimalleolar fracture physical therapy

I am about 6 weeks post surgery and still no weight bearing. The therapist will want to make sure the recovering person learn techniques to adapt to life while recovering that will prevent additional strain to the ankle. He said everything looks great and told me to start exercises, just flexing my foot back and forth. I guess it opens and closes the blood vessels around the injured ankle. Thank you very much for the share. I have seen so many different posts with different recovery times n NWB times….my dr says 6-8 weeks but some ppl were walking in a boot 2-3 weeks after surgery! When this first happened I couldn’t even think where I would be 4 mos later. I was in wheelchair so PT gave me ROM exercises that put me ahead of game and arm strengthening, which I sorely needed! For the most part I try and just ignore the pain and maintain a normal daily life. Home therapy on your own was also critical. The therapist may determine that you or a family member perform massage of the scar tissue at-home between treatment. By wk 3 I started driving with left foot plus cruise control. It requires lifting , and I’m in pain myself ! I am a pretty active person but coming home and dealing with all the throbbing and leg elevation, I found myself wanting only to sleep and watch Netflix. I teach college and work EMS so I am on my feet a lot during the day. I’d shoot myself if I thought I would be disabled that long.After all, how many more years do I/we have? I lost my Job (but thank God I found a better one) and more than the physical pain emotionally this has been hard for me. Only wear outside. read dozens of these posts My problem is now (my good ankle) and calf is in a lot of pain and my ankle is starting to swell. Doing physio is really important but not easy, especially if you are having pain or your ankle feels like it’s in a vice or against a sharp blade. I can not wear shoes with much of a heel. Therapy is an integral part if this process . But i know ill be fine because i wont allow a lazy attempt at recovery.. Prayers for makng it past surgery…heart to make it thru recovery. Started physio but just ankle stretching. Thera bands were great too. My doctor said I should be walking by July which lands three months after my surgery. Physical therapy exercises for ankle fracture can help. My arm is recovering nicely and I’ve gained 85-90% of my ROM in it. I’m hoping the surgery won’t cause me to lose my small progress. They had to reduce the fractures 4 times (and by the 4th time it was a little painful). Gave me a little independence and could dump the “lady urinal”! But I am determined to get back to hiking as soon as I can. I started doing ROM approximately 1 week post surgery. I did work using a wheelchair until I was released to walk with a cane. Physical therapy is part of the rehabilitation process for those who suffered a trimalleolar fracture. 6 months next week and can walk without a limp if I concentrate. I could get to places that I hadn’t before. Following surgery the patient will be completely non-weight bearing for a period of 2-3 months. I say to myself in hindsight when feeling sad … it could have been much much worse. I fell on May 18, 2016 and it resulted in a trimaeleolar fracture. I had by syndesmodic fixation screws (2 off) removed last week and am able to apply full weight to ankle -at last! After reading up on the condition I am happy to report that I appear to be recovering well. I went into a regular shoe after 12 weeks with PT twice a week. The boot is very painful cause it puts pressure right where my ankle hurts. I was distraught with the severity of the injury.-didn’t feel well to do much, worried about future etc… My doctor told me that I needed to continue to wear the air-splint (stir-up) when on uneven ground. Trimalleolar fracture with a dislocation here! Badly sprained right ankle, and a left leg Trimaleollar fracture of tib/fib, with tibia dislocation over the talus bone. Physical therapy is part of the rehabilitation process for those who suffered a trimalleolar fracture. It is important that physical therapists understand the surgery each patient went through, in order to help them through the recovery period and help them feel comfortable easing back into weight bearing on the involved extremity. Physical Therapy Guidelines for Ankle Fracture with Surgery This was written and developed by the therapists of MGH Physical Therapy Services. I’m following my doctor’s orders, but I’m also one of those that wants to speed things up and looks for reasons to do so. I was resistant to begin seriously icky drugs. Make sure you eat healthier this helps the healing process. Omg… bi surgery June 9th… casted June 26th… this is now my second cast… i don’t go back to be rechecked until Aug 1st which at the time i am supposed to get a walking cast or boot.. i can cry now at the drop of a dime.. i can’t do anything.. i have to wear a bit on my right leg because i severely sprained it at the time when i broke my ankle… my foot is constantly numb and burns.. now the inside of my left ankle is feeling like my cast is rubbing against my incisions on that side.. i can’t sleep because i can’t get comfortable.. i can’t take the pain medicine because i have an allergy.. I’m miserable!!! I slipped and had the tri break in my left foot while on holiday. My fract. A lifesaver really. ( I already do some minimal wb for balance with no pain ). A week walking the halls in my house with crutches (that took practice! (2-4 months….quicker than I will be walking!). Restoring the tissue around the scar site with massage will help increase mobility and function. They told me NO IBUPROFEN, but the other pain meds did nothing, so I’m taking ibuprofen anyway. I started daily Physio after 2 months & followed their instructions religiously exercising several times a day. The patient can perform limited core, hip and knee exercises in an attempt to prevent excessive atrophy due to the non-weight bearing status. Best to you all. However it has improved a lot since then and 9 months on I can walk without any cane and yesterday was able to wear heels (sensible height) at work for the first time. I was apprehensive of this additional surgery but “Fab” has put my mind at ease. Yea!!! Hey, at least I’ll be, H E Double Hockey Sticks, on wheels with my knee scooter and it’s bell! Not too much pain, at the break or post surgery actually. Could not believe the impact it had on my life and the frustration at not being able to do what you want. I don’t want pain for the rest of my life, who does?

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