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A RESCUE FACILITY FOR TORTOISES AND BOX TURTLESTortoises and box turtles can outlive their keeper's ability to care for them. We LOVE our animals and would love to add a tortoise to our family. Donations are greatly appreciated and 100% goes towards our Tortoises. Our success will also result in the establishment of new public recreation areas for hunting, fishing, hiking and other outdoor activities; preclude the need to list the gopher tortoise under the Endangered Species Act, and provide assurances for a more compatible economic environment for Georgia’s business community. This campaign is geared to protecting and managing enough gopher tortoise habitat to preclude a listing. We are a family run, in-home tortoise rescue and sanctuary. Surrender A Tortoise Whether you don't have enough time for your Tort or he/she has a medical issue or deformity we take… I am interested in adopting a large female tortoise (such as a Leopard Tortoise for example). And of course, you'll also be able to meet people who enjoy reptiles as much as you do! And, rarely do we have such an opportunity to accomplish collaborative conservation results at this scale. Whether you run a turtle or tortoise rescue or want to find one, use this space to connect with others who care. We look forward to welcoming you to the Georgia Reptile Society! Very healthy and friendly. Hello all, my name is Mia. Within the Southeast, we are at the proverbial fork in the road. It is illegal to have a Desert Tortoise without a permit from Fish & Wildlife. Sharing information advice and support helping to re-home all breeds of tortoises.. Social Learning Group He is super unhappy in his cage. The partners working on this effort realize that protection of the land is not enough to ensure the gopher tortoise and multiple other at‐risk species found in this community are sustainable. Keep it slow and steady. If you are interested in joining, click on our membership link at the top of this page. Who We Are We are a family run, in-home tortoise rescue and sanctuary. We now seek to refine roles and responsibilities for implementing organizations, invite new supporters and establish an aggressive, shared work plan. Our society strives to stay active and participate in multiple events across the state of Georgia all throughout the year. Save Them All! It is illegal to breed, sell, give away or take from the wild a Desert Tortoise. If you are interested in having the Georgia Reptile Society visit your school or event, be sure to contact us. Our circumstances have changed and we can no longer keep her. I had done the research, built a wonderful …, NorCal Tortoise & Exotics Rescue. The North Carolina Tortoise Sanctuary is a 501c3 reptile rescue and education organization located in Wake County, North Carolina. Maybe a tortoise or turtle lives with you and you need to help it find a new home. Sacramento CA  Tortoises, Turtles and Parrots will often outlive their keeper's ability to care for them. These links are places I know about. Great! Will drive …, Tortise Rescue Wanted to know where in mumbai are star tortise adopted and taken care of. There are about 122 viable populations in the state, of which roughly 59.5 (Spring 2020) are now permanently protected, up from 38 populations in 2017  A minimum goal to avoid a listing is to permanently protect 65 of the 122 viable populations through a combination of fee simple acquisitions and conservation easements. You will also get access to our members only events and volunteer opportunities, as well as our members-only online community. Are you looking to find a new home for your Tortoise? Projected funding for the $150M land protection campaign would come from three sources; the State of Georgia ‐ $50M; Federal funding ‐ $50M; and private foundations and donors ‐ $50M (The Knobloch Family Foundation has already pledged $12.5M to this initiative). We have over 100 members and meet monthly to chat, share good practice and access …, Norfolk Tortoise Rescue At Norfolk Tortoise Rescue we can offer any species of tortoise a loving family home. Does anyone know of …, Sulcata Tortoise needs GOOD home Three year old, female, Sulcata Tortoise needs a good home. We are a homeschool …, Atlanta Georgia Wildlife Clinic  Anyone in the city of Atlanta or surrounding areas, the Chattahoochee Nature Center has a wildlife clinic in Roswell at 9135 Willeo Rd. She was very active and really enjoyed eating Fruit. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) have developed a draft map (right) that subdivides South Georgia into regions and indicates how many gopher tortoise populations are currently protected in each region and how many more need to be protected to avoid a federal listing. The large organizations are important, but so are the smaller local efforts. Georgia DNR and the U.S. Contact us today, or visit us in Arroyo Grande, California. One route, taking no action, could lead to a federal listing of the gopher tortoise, which could have a negative impact in the region due to increased federal oversight of many sectors of the Georgia economy, including commercial growth, agriculture, the timber industry, and activities on military bases. Roswell, Ga. 30075 …, Looking to adopt a yearling or older For my son’s 16 birthday ( this past June) I surprised him with a baby Greek hatchling.

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