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I’m also trying to add a bit of etymology to my lessons. mathexam I’ve noticed that sometimes pupils are particularly prone to slipping into automatic mode in a test. It had been an exhausting few years. I think a lot depends on your timetable and the structure of your day. We went for understanding, not just repeating SOHCAHTOA, and it all worked because I had time to plan a good lesson and pupils who were receptive to what I was delivering. parati If all this feels like a rant, that’s because it is. The worst thing was, everyone in the school wanted it to be better, and some of my colleagues where phenomenal people. Do u like math or hate it? studyhack #photomath mathematics mathexam snapchat calculator iphonetrick fyp foryou phonehack lifehack. I’ve found feedback slightly difficult. I think there’s possibly more to add here. Lovely interactive and really clear worksheets and handouts. I hope now you’re starting to get a sense of how big this one is! Give them a bit of a nicer look and also rewriting a lot of the questions. But it quite a bit more thorough than I have been in the past, which pleases me. She is not doing things automatically. foryourpage, Sad times MCAT Math made easy! Then I would look into they eyes of the children who wanted to learn as we waited for SMT to remove a pupil again and just feel awful. I didn’t want to have an example problem pair for this. #photomath That was never used. It’s actually been rather successful, especially thinking about links between words. Also all the usual gubbins. It’s really made me reflect on my practise and how to improve what I do. I really felt that these questions and slides gave me a good structure to teach this content. For instance: I noticed that these type of questions come up a lot in exams so I thought I should add them into my lessons. I’ generally sticking to the scheme of work. And 69 is a pretty titillating number, probably what caught the author's eye. Taking care. So I’m advantaged by time. I know I haven’t blogged for ages. I’ve just been picking 5 questions of stuff from the things we’ve done this year, just written up on the board as they come in. The hours and time and commitment put into the kids at the school was miraculous. Yes. OBVIOUS. And the ‘fun’ thing isn’t fun. Then I did some ones where we need to work it out. Sorry @mathsjem! And it’s interesting. Then, picking between (Don’t worry. It’s easy to plan the narrative of what you want to do with slides.

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