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Check their page for photos. Six pups were born 5th February 2017. You may notice back in their affiliated club website at the bottom, it mentions, "Beware of backyard or hobby breeders; especially those from Elizabeth City North Carolina." Blufawn is a 5* breeder with the licensing authority at North Kestevan District Council AWL0046AWL0046 Darwin won Graduate 2nd Place Dog at the USTDC Annual Breed Show in Madison, WI on June 15th, 2013. PLEASE VISIT OUR NEW WEBSITE AT: WWW.HAWTHORNETAMASKAN.COM. She then reported Riker as “stolen” on the Doglost website: Change.org - Close large puppy mill (Right Puppy Kennel/Blustag Tamaskan/My Shiba/Yadkin Wolfden) in Salisbury, NC. A mother and daughter team, they were 2 of the 4 founding breeders of the Tamaskan Dog breed, located in Lincolnshire, United Kingdom. com/profile . Search that phone number (with hyphens included) in your web browser, the results may surprise you. Instead, they only have their dogs examined by a veterinarian, who can only tell what is their current health status. At the time, only females would be going to breeding homes so we tested all five females. Freyja won Second Place Graduate Bitch at the USTDC Annual Breed Show in Madison, WI on June 15th, 2013. Darwin has a completed MyDogDNA profile. “When it comes to the welfare of animals we have to be extremely vigilant in upholding and enforcing standards and procedures. The law requires that anyone breeding five or more litters in a 12-month period must have a breeding licence. With plenty of loving care, Riker began to make a good recovery and, as a result, Riker’s new family refused to return him to the place where he had been so cruelly neglected. They were fined a total of £400 with a costs order totalling £1,600 plus £20 victim surcharge each. Blustag claimed their dogs had passing scores and that the pups must have developed bad hips from the environment they lived in and not from inheriting them from the parents. They have been prosecuted for unlawfully breeding dogs. In February of 2013, charges were filed to Right Puppy Kennel due to selling sick puppies and falsifying health certificates. ALL PHOTOS CONTAINED ON THIS SITE ARE COPYRIGHT (C) 2017 TRACY GRAZIANO & BEN KONCEWICZ, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, integrity, health, temperament & structure. However, those test results showed the dogs to have bad hips, yet they still breed from them anyways. com/groups/776692035768063. Freyja also has a normal CAER eye exam August 2018. The dogs produced by them are husky mixes, falsely advertised as Tamaskans, from the lines of Right Puppy Kennel (currently known as Blustag). Darwin won Special Yearling Dog 1st Place at the National Tamaskan Club of America Annual Breed Show in Madison, WI on June 30th, 2012. Ember is 65 pounds and 27" at the shoulder. A raid at their property took place in January 2013. When his new family complained about Riker’s poor condition, Jennie Saxby demanded that they return Riker to her and she sent them a letterthreatening legal action if he was not returned. Ruuq is an Inuit word meaning "Arrow;" she is named after her father. Blustag told them to submit the score under “Husky mix” so not to bring down the Tamaskan Dog breed’s average. An honest breeder would have no problem answering questions, however, anyone who questioned them were publicly bashed, and if they persisted enough, banned from the forum they ran, all while still not answering the questions. Raven was diagnosed with Addison's Disease in February 2017 so was spayed and retired. Why did she look strikingly like Nevada, aka Blustag Bindaree, in the one photo that was posted of the litter with the dam? Would you trust leaving your dogs at a kennel that is overrun with their own dogs and many call a puppy mill? Welcome to our website. For a while, the breeder got regular updates saying the puppy was doing well, after a while the updates stopped. In 2009, an acquaintance of Blustag had approached some breeders and revealed information about lies that Blustag had told. One breeder had noted during one of the UK Tamaskan Dog Shows how Blustag’s dogs seemed a little timid and skinny. They all matched 100% to their dam, Heidi, but they did not match with the claimed sire, Jackal. However, RPK never did do any health testing and kept breeding the dogs on every heat, they would not adhere to the strict guidelines and health requirements and refused to work with the USTDC (at the time known as the National Tamaskan Club of America, NTCA). Blufawn had announced on the forum that they were resigning from the TDR. Ruuq and our male Darwin produced a litter of six in 2017. They use the name Blustag Tamaskan, because Blustag is the name of one of the breed founders. What these ladies were doing was far from acceptable in our eyes and we now expect that should they wish to consider breeding dogs on this scale, they legitimise their operation and bring it under the regulation required of the proper licence,” said Cllr Wright. The woman who acted as the adopting family is actually a close friend of the Ratliffs. With them remaining affiliated with Blustag, no one would sell them a puppy. In addition to the battery of health testing, conformation and temperament evaluations, I have completed courses with the Institute of Canine Biology (Population Genetics for Dog Breeders and Managing Genetics into the Future) to have a thorough understanding of how genetics and inheritance must be considered not only at the individual level, but the breed/population scale in making wise breeding decisions. This animal neglect case also relates to the Tamaskan breeding program: Winnie, a Black Grey Tamaskan, was the result of an accidental mating between Zuul, a registered Tamaskan, and Riker, the Canadian Eskimo Dog (CED) – while he was still living with Jennie Saxby (Blufawn). Many did, and bought puppies from them. http://www.sleafordstandard.co.uk/news/local/pair-fined-for-breeding-dogs-without-licence-1-5832539, http://www.dogworld.co.uk/product.php/108370/1/breeders_fined_for_having_no_licence_ Proudly created with Wix.com. They claim that they care about their dogs and the homes they go to, they even seem happy to receive updates from their puppies adopted families. Ruuq is clear for DM by parentage (meaning both dam and sire are clear (N/N) for DM, which has also been confirmed by MyDogDNA. We became an approved kennel with the International Tamaskan Register and the Tamaskan Dog Register in 2019, with our female Tamaskan, Kiera (Hawthorne Zion). We encourage you to research what is explained here. Stoney Creek is located in the southwest part of Ohio and is the only Tamaskan Dog Register (TDR) breeder located in the state. Blustag then made a new forum and claimed that they are the TDR. After the TDR had received DNA results of 3 dogs from a Heidi x Jackal mating known as the Rose litter, they compared the DNA markers to both the dam and the sire. Her test results for DM are "Clear" which means she does not carry the genes for this debilitating disease: N/N. The rest of the TDR committee did not consent to this and, as a result, refused to register Winnie as a Tamaskan Foundation Dog (outcross) unless the true name of her sire would be put on the official documentation. As a result of the number of complaints and welfare concerns expressed by people worldwide who had purchased Tamaskan puppies from the pair, the North Kesteven District Council raised the prosecution for the unlicensed breeding of dogs. J&J Devil of Piru at Hawthorne - "Darwin". Right Puppy Kennel/ Blustag Tamaskan/ Yadkin Wolf Den/ My Shiba/ Loving Pup Resort and Spa. These breeds include Alaskan Malamutes, Siberian Huskies, Canadian Eskimo Dogs, Irish Wolfhounds, Border Collies, and Lhasa Apsos. Please visit the site to sign and for more information about Right Puppy Kennel/ Blustag Tamaskan/ My Shiba/ Yadkin Wolfden in Salisbury, NC. with the American Rare Breed Association and her Kennel Club USA Championship. Jennie Saxby (Blufawn) did not accept these terms and Winnie's registration with the TDR was subsequently revoked; Winnie was then put up for rehoming: http://www.tamaskan-forum.com/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=2836. All of their breeding dogs and multiple litters are housed, bred, and produced on the same shared property. Located in Zagreb, Croatia (Europe). Ruuq is a Snow Litter puppy out of Freyja and sired by Points Unknown Arrow ("Arrow"). At first they seem like loving breeders who cared for the breed and their pack of dogs. When the Tamaskan Dog Register (TDR) had discovered in late 2007 that RPK had obtained the dogs and that the 2 Tamaskan sisters, Tasha and Tundra, were pregnant, RPK claimed it was an accidental mating and that no health testing had yet been done, it was asked that RPK does health testing to ensure healthy puppies and to be able to register the puppies with the TDR. We were attracted to the Tamaskan breed not only because of their lupine looks, but because of the breed standard which emphasized an active, but friendly family dog and companion. We brought Darwin home in April of 2011. For details, please contact us. "Right Puppy" T-shirt worn by kennel associate, Canadian Eskimo Dog, Riker in poor condition, Facebook status about viewing the kennel property, What these ladies were doing was far from acceptable in our eyes, http://www.tamaskansagainstpuppymills.com/, http://www.doglost.co.uk/dog_blog.php?dogId=46406, http://www.tamaskan-forum.com/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=2836, http://www.dogworld.co.uk/product.php/108370/1/breeders_fined_for_having_no_licence_. She loves to cuddle and will frequently lay in our laps on the couch. Freyja has a completed MyDogDNA profile. Currently a small scale breeder, located in Pineville, Missouri. Jennie Saxby claimed that he was so thin due to “allergies” – however, in just under a week at his new home, he gained over 5kg in bodyweight. As of summer 2011, all Tamaskan Dogs must be scored through the BVA. They even list some of the same dogs under different names. Tamaskan Alley's guarantee is also very similar to the same Health Guarantee that is posted on the Blustag (previously known as Right Puppy Kennel) website. Her eye results can be found on the OFA website here. There were families reporting that their puppies from Blustag had failing hips, to the point of Hip Dysplasia, some having hips so badly, they had to be put down. We were attracted to the Tamaskan breed not only because of their lupine looks, but because of the breed standard which emphasized an active, but friendly family dog and companion. These breeders soon left the TDR, gathered and researched all they can into the foundation dogs that were used to create the Tamaskan Dog breed. Ruuq has OFA Excellent hips and OFA Normal elbows; and BVA 8 hips and BVA 0 elbows.

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