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With the abandoned baby's mother identified, Hazel and Ryan are desperate for answers. Sully's secret is blown. Sully nodded like it was what he expected to hear. Never has a statement been as sad in the history of time lol But I love the idea that Kam finally sees the effect of what he kind of forced Ash to do, on Sully, on Helena, on Ash. Shortly after revealing that Pav is Patch's father, Shannon flees the Towers and ends up in a car accident. Claudia learns of Sabine's photo and the harassment. Leonie finds inspiration for a career change in the most unlikely of places. Claudia, Leonie and Renee open up to one another. As they had no time to explain themselves, the two suffered interference from Nicole but managed to steal the emerald and give it to Mogul who, true to his deal, freed the three from his control before escaping with several other prisoners. Directed by Andrew Prowse. Ryan and Ana's friendship grows into something more. Mina burst into tears and Ash lead her to the couch, encouraging her to let out her fears. Title: Ash Mongoose Good Having talked it over with Mina, Ash approached Sonic and admitted that he'd been a jerk in the past because he felt his relationship with Mina would be threatened by the hedgehog. Ash and Sully | The Heights | Season 1: Their Story - YouTube Ash agreed that the situation had been rough on them as well as others, and Mina was further frustrated because she felt that the Freedom Fighters weren't aware of the potential danger. Hazel and Ryan are shocked when a ghost from the past turns up in Arcadia. A snarky comment from Sonic almost caused things to escalate further, but Mina quickly calmed Ash down and stepped in, trying to explain that she believed her message needed to be heard, especially by the Freedom Fighters. Dislikes With Marcus Graham, Shari Sebbens, Calen Tassone, Roz Hammond. Affiliation(s) Ana realises she's misjudged Evan. Ryan encourages Ana to give Evan a chance. When social services remove Patch from the Murphys, Hazel reluctantly turns to Pav for help. As it turned out, the performance was extremely well-received. Hazel is stunned when her estranged son Ryan returns from London. Mark's resolve is tested when he's handed a bunch of money. Mark and Renee clash over telling the kids about their decision. Mark has a proposal for Renee. 0. Romance MEN. Yellow Looking for some great streaming picks? With Ash's encouragement, Mina quickly brightened; she lead him off, eager to start working on a new album immediately. While this issue was eventually settled, Ash can sometimes still be blunt and aggressive when Sonic's around. Hair Sully has a disastrous first day at his teaching practical and Claudia establishes some ground rules around Sabine and Dane's relationship. Ahmagh. Ryan and Shannon struggle with the decision of whether to leave Arcadia. Renee is horrified when Mark confesses to his gambling addiction. Sully & Ash part 37 to 43 have already uploaded. At some point during Sonic's absence in outer space, Ash met Mina. Sully loses in love but has a win at school. Like Mina, his ears have multiple piercings, though he has studs instead of rings. Ash and Sonic steal a Chaos Emerald for Mammoth Mogul. Koa Nuen as Sully Tran & Phoenix Raei as Ash Jafir in The Heights Season 1, Episode 25. Ash is seventeen years old - purposely designed to be a much older love interest for Mina. Mark becomes further entangled in his web of lies when Renee makes a troubling discovery. The residents of Arcadia Towers are left reeling after an abandoned baby is discovered. A smitten Sully buys Ash's affection. Leonie reluctantly allows Mich to move into the towers. Ash was injured, and seemingly comatose. (sorry for the absolutely garbage quality - the downloads are few and far between). i saw this coming a mile off and loved every second of it...they accidentally tripped cliche skhjgjhhjkkk. Pav starts a new job. Achetez neuf ou d'occasion Pav and Claudia's date is gate-crashed. Renee makes a huge decision about her family's future. Taken aback, Ash apologized, and later, when they were alone, he gently confronted her about her condition, correctly guessing that the source of her problem was her continuing nightmares. Gender 2020 Episode #2.8. Managerial skills, Ash Mongoose (born year 3217) is the manager of the Forget Me Knots and boyfriend of Mina Mongoose. Ana and Ryan finally get together, only to be confronted by an unexpected third wheel. However, Mina soon arrived and told the others that the new direction was her doing; Ash sheepishly admitted that he'd actually had to tell her to tone things down. Confused and scared for Mina, Ash turned to Sonic, and the two soon discovered that Mammoth Mogul had mentally taken control of the three and were attempting to coerce Sonic into handing the city's Chaos Emerald over to him by sending them into situations that would surely result in their deaths. Kam nearly messes up his chances at getting the scholarship but Iris encourages him to keep fighting. Ever since Ash saved Mina from an attempted assassination, nearly killing him, Mina and Ash have been unsepratable and support each other. An accident at home makes Renee see red over the unfinished renovations. Rate. Sully invites Ash to dinner with Iris - … View production, box office, & company info. I hopeful we’ll get more Sully and Ash scenes soon! Rate. Ash is confronted when Tyler pressures him. Hazel refuses to cancel her Mahjong game on account of Patch, and the community come together to make it happen. She, along with Tails and Mighty, all in a similar state, then took off. 4 days ago; 1 min ; Justin & Brian part 50 to 61 have already uploaded. (2:31 hr long) All storyline list > Boris & Tobias. Alignment and character traits An unseen attack by Tails Doll prompted the intervention of Team Freedom, and Ash quickly ran to check on Mina after Rotor saved her. The first season was directed by James Bogle, Andrew Prowse, Renee Webster and Darlene Johnson and produced by Peta Astbury-Bulsara and Warren Clarke. You fucking froze him out of your life, so you be the one to make amends. Skills 3. (01 Mar 2019). When Sonic finally returned from outer space, Ash was quick to inform Sonic that he was dating Mina, knowing that Mina once had an extremely strong crush on Sonic. Leonie reluctantly allows Mich to move into the towers. Mich and Sabine contemplate their future. When Mammoth Mogul took control of Mina's mind, having "marked" her in the past, Ash attempted to stop her and then, putting aside old differences, worked with Sonic to free Mina from Mogul's control and save her life.[4][5]. Bruce finally opens up to Leonie about her Indigenous mother, Pav and Claudia are bad at being friends with benefits and Iris decides to find Sully a boyfriend. His girlfriend proved unhurt, and quickly renewed her cry for Nicole's return.[14]. Claudia is confronted by a former patient. Episode cast overview, first billed only. Sabine struggles with her heartache while Sully and Fraser take their relationship to the next level. Ana and Ryan are forced to face their feelings for each other. Rate. Matchbox Pictures and For Pete's Sake Productions, Best Direction of a TV or SVOD Drama Serial, Mitchell Bourke as Ryan Murphy (season 1–2), This page was last edited on 20 October 2020, at 01:59. [2] In August 2019, the series was renewed for a second season of 30 episodes. While Ash got the band settled, Sonic showed Mina what had changed since her tour. 0. Renee and Leonie fight over Renee's spending habits. As Iris celebrates an important anniversary, she catches wind that the Towers could be under threat. Mark attempts to win back Renee's favour on Frankie's birthday. Renee tells Mark he needs to get help with his gambling addiction. Ryan realises the sacrifice Lottie is making by staying in Arcadia for him. Pav and Claudia's second date gets ruined by their kids, Kam lands himself and Iris in trouble with the police. Sabine decides that honesty is the best policy. Rate. Mina was able to explain her reasoning to the band and convince them that that the new sound was necessary to send a message, and so they began to practice while making plans for their next concert. Claudia panics when Pav delivers on her birthday. The bitterness of this is palpable. Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. Shannon returns with a new man and a new lease on life. A smitten Sully buys Ash's affection. While this issue was eventually settled, Ash can sometimes still be blunt and aggressive when Sonic's around. Retrouvez Midnight Revenge et des millions de livres en stock sur First appearance Mina's fragile emotionally state put Ash on edge, and so when Sonic arrived and accidentally bumped Mina with the door, Ash began to tell the hedgehog off, only for a strained Mina to tell him to shut up. Ash struggles on the job with Mark following a night of partying, and Ryan and Hazel discover that their inheritance isn't all that it seems. 9. Sabine is uncomfortable when Dane reaches out to her. Rate. Ash is ambushed into a date. Kam deserves it tbh And if he didn’t feel bad enough: “I did this for us…for you.”. Hazel questions her ability to mother when Patch falls ill. Ash is unsettled by Tyler's interest in him. Directed by Andrew Prowse. Ash and Mina entered to find Sonic and Sally; he was displeased to find that they'd gotten past security and told Sonic that they could line up with the other fans if they wanted autographs. Rate. Uncle Max receives a devastating diagnosis. Sabine navigates her first day at Arcadia High. He’s not gonna risk his heart on you again, this time. [10], Some time later, Ash arrived at Mina's house to meet up with the band; as Mina was running behind, her mother, Isabella, told him to wait with the others. 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