stupidity kills quotes

Votes: 6, The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits. It’s too bad that stupidity isn’t painful. Votes: 0, In a world of stupidity a thinking man is insane Leonard Woolf in a letter to Lytton Strachey said he hated John Maynard Keynes "for his crass stupidity and hideous face". I have sought you out to cure me.' Nobody, I believe, will deny, that we are to form our judgment of the true nature of the human mind, not from sloth and stupidity of the most degenerate and vilest of men, but from the sentiments and fervent desires of the best and wisest of the species. Stupidity is the only natural capital offense. Why is the competition always so intense to set new records for maximum stupidity? The stupidity of the American voter is exceeded only by its slovenliness. I hated the idleness, the stupidity, the respectability, the petty unselfishness. The stupidity of men always invites the insolence of power. (Angelia). Votes: 0, I was dumbfounded by the stupidity of the Watergate break-in. Almost every vocation is chosen and entered upon as a means to a purpose but is ultimately continued as a final purpose in itself. The shortest route is not the most direct one, but rather the one where the most favorable winds swell our sails:Mthat is the lesson that seafarers teach. Here's how my brain works: It's stupidity, followed by self-hatred, and then further analysis. Votes: 0, Your stupidity is appalling!" There is no limit to stupidity. I mean, stupidity is an infirmity, isn't it? What Democrats call 'nuanced,' most people refer to as 'stupidity.'. Underestimating one's enemy was a classic tactical mistake --- one that was usually born out of stupidity or arrogance or both. And, thank heaven, we are not yet ready to do that. If there were a master of stupidity in this world, I would really love to listen to his success story. Votes: 3, Smartass Disciple: But, you said that it's the truth? Votes: 0, In public affairs, stupidity is more dangerous than knavery, because it is harder to fight. Votes: 0, The incomparable stupidity of life teaches us to love our parents; divine philosophy teaches us to forgive them. Kill millions of men, and you are a conquerer. Too many of our countrymen rejoice in stupidity, look upon ignorance as a badge of honor. Votes: 4, There's a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot. 10% stupidity. I have no ideology. Own stupidity (34 quotes), People Stupidity (75 quotes). Frederick Lindemann, 1st Viscount Cherwell, Diversity of opinions is not what is stopping people from living together in harmony. I am often surprised by the cleverness, and now and again by the stupidity, of my dog; and I have similar experiences with mankind. I'm bruising a heart made of Play-Doh. Votes: 3, Smartass Disciple: What were said for things before the time exist?Master of Stupidity: No words to be said by no man at no time at all. Stupidity is something unshakable; nothing attacks it without breaking itself against it; it is of the nature of granite, hard and resistant. "Yeah, yeah. Votes: 0, There are so many different kinds of stupidity, and cleverness is one of the worst. They themselves mocked Africa, trading stories of absurdity, of stupidity, and they felt safe to mock, because it was a mockery born of longing, and of the heartbroken desire to see a place made whole again. Most of our miseries we bring on ourselves. Votes: 0, A tyrant institutionalises stupidity, but he is the first servant of his own system and the first to be installed within it. Votes: 0, The lottery is a tax on ignorance, and all the losers that play the game are paying the price for their stupidity. Votes: 2, True popularity comes from acts of kindness rather than acts of stupidity. I stop paying attention because as much as I love beauty, I hate stupidity, and seeing the two combined pisses me off. An inability to handle language is not the same thing as stupidity. Votes: 0, I'm an optimist by choice not by stupidity. So much of existence is so boring. Such is the astounding stupidity of optimism. Votes: 0, I can have incredible self-discipline. Love Quotes; Inspirational Quotes; Determination Quotes; Poetry Quotes; Teamwork Quotes; Sports Quotes; TOPICS: Ignorance & Stupidity. A rational man never distorts or corrupts his own standards and judgment in order to appeal to the irrationality, stupidity, or dishonesty of others. Since things are moving faster and faster, we cannot afford the amount of stupidity that we used to be able to tolerate. Stupidity was as necessary as intelligence, and as difficult to attain.

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