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Three disused freighters mysteriously disappear shortly before they are due to self-destruct. [14], The linking material from the feature presentation was re-discovered in late 2000 or early 2001 and subsequently included on Stingray DVD releases. He compares the premise of the series to the Cold War, noting the conflict between the WASP and the undersea races and the latter's use of spies to infiltrate human society. They are rescued by Titan's slave, Marina, a mute young woman from the undersea city of Pacifica who can breathe underwater. The episode "The Lighthouse Dwellers" is set in 2065 (La Rivière, p. 103). [84], Some commentators have been critical of the puppetry and effects. Vector image "Cartoon Stingray Character" can be used for personal and commercial purposes according to the conditions of the purchased Royalty-free license. [34] Most of the series' special effects were filmed on high-speed cameras with the footage slowed down in post-production to convey a sense of greater weight and scale. [Note 1] Armed with "sting missile" torpedoes, it can travel at up to 600 knots (1,100 km/h; 690 mph) underwater[2][9] and reach depths of over 36,000 feet (11 km; 6.8 mi). Stingray Timmins, a character on the Australian soap opera Neighbours; Lord Stingray, a fictional character on the American animated TV series Superjail! [23] It was repeated on ITV in 1981[68] and on BBC2 in the early 1990s. He is paired with Southern navigator Lieutenant George Lee Sheridan, nicknamed "Phones" for his secondary role as Stingray's hydrophone operator. Troy and Phones board Stingray from the Marineville stand-by lounge by sitting on twin seats that are then lowered into the submarine via injector tubes. [13], APF used the framing scenes from the abandoned clip show to create a Stingray feature presentation. [34], For the underwater sequences, Anderson had originally envisaged filming inside a water tank,[3] but the cost of the specialist cameras and equipment required would have made this impractical. Stingray' was originally broadcast on the ITV network in the United Kingdom and in syndication in North America. The final episode is a clip show in which Troy is named "Aquanaut of the Year" and past missions are recounted in flashback. While investigating the disappearance of a probe, Troy and Phones are captured by the survivors of a ruined subterranean city. [2][Note 5] Though Stingray would debut in black and white in its country of origin, the switch to colour filming was intended to increase the series' chances of being bought by a network in the US, where colour TV broadcasts were already common. Injured during a rescue mission, Troy passes out and imagines that he is the lord of an undersea palace. A stingray is a type of cartilaginous fish. [69][70], In the US, the series was first shown in 1965. "[75] Daniel O'Brien, author of SF:UK: How British Science Fiction Changed the World, considers it to be "perhaps the archetypal Gerry Anderson series". [47] Another innovation was the creation of alternative heads to allow characters to display emotions: besides their "normal" heads, which had neutral expressions, the main characters could also be fitted with "smiling" and "frowning" heads. This system, devised by Meddings, made aerial shots easier to film as it took up very little studio space. All Rights Reserved. While searching for the submerged temple of Tajmanon in Africa, Troy and Phones encounter an old enemy. [78][83] Mavis disagrees that the series is sexist, noting that while Atlanta "doesn't do much here except answer the phone", Marina saves Troy's life on several occasions. [52] The move away from black and white sometimes caused problems as build-ups of algae in the aquaria caused the water to change colour. It has never had a TV broadcast. Negotiations with Edwards were slow to progress, so work began on an alternative clip show in which the main characters watch film recordings of some of Stingray's past missions. Premise. [2][27][50] Vegetable dye was added to the aquarium to make the water more noticeable. BLOUR YJZT 13,6 cm * 15,7 cm Cartoon Persönlichkeit Stingray Fish Vinyl Auto Aufkleber Aufkleber Schwarz Silber Zubehör C11-0153 Das beste für Ihre Kinder, Freunde, DIY-Dekorationsliebhaber. [64], Jim Sangster and Paul Condon, authors of Collins Telly Guide, praise the introduction, writing that "Of all the programmes we've looked at for this book, there is none with a title sequence as thrilling as Stingray.

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