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The Northern Song (960-1127) signifies the time when the Song capital was in the northern city of Kaifeng and the dynasty controlled all China. Die zeitgenössische Chronik Song Shi berichtet, dass der Kaiser den Armeeführern ein schönes Leben auf den besten Ländereien in den Provinzen versprach und ihnen anbot, seine Familie mit jenen der Armeeführer und Minister durch Heiraten zu verbinden. [25] Die Verhandlungen führten zum Vertrag von Chanyuan, der im Januar 1005 unterschrieben wurde (in manchen Werken wird wegen des chinesischen Kalenders das Jahr 1004 angegeben) und der zwischen Song und Liao den Status quo ante festlegte. The Japanese encountered Chinese wares for the first time almost 1,200 years ago when scholars and monks travelled to China. This lot will be offered in The Classic Age of Chinese Ceramics: The Linyushanren Collection, Part II, 15 September at Christie’s New York. Große Teile Nordchinas waren zum Zeitpunkt der Dynastiegründung bereits in der Gewalt der Kitan bzw. Qin | Patricia Buckley Ebrey, Anne Walthall, James B. Palais: Fuat Sezgin, Carl Ehrig-Eggert, Amawi Mazen, E. Neubauer: Paintings of Song, Liao and Jin dynasties. In one such project, cartographers created detailed maps of each province and city that were then collected in a large atlas. Diese Zahl stieg beständig auf 80 000 am Ende des Jahrhunderts und auf 400 000 Kandidaten im 13. A highlight of Asian Art Week in New York, The Classic Age of Chinese Ceramics: The Linyushanren Collection, Part II sale represents a 20-year journey of discovery made by a distinguished Japanese collector. In seinen kaiserlichen Werkstätten wurde beispielsweise das Projekt von Zhang Sixun einer Armillarsphäre mit Quecksilber statt Wasser durchgeführt. [39], Im Jahre 1067 bestieg Kaiser Song Shenzong den Thron und ließ wiederum Xia angreifen. [120], The visual arts during the Song dynasty were heightened by new developments such as advances in landscape and portrait painting. [24] Die Fertigstellung des Großen Grabens, der als Verteidigungsmaßnahme das Vorankommen der Kavallerie der Liao behinderte, veranlasste die Liao dazu, einen Waffenstillstand zu verhandeln: Eventually, the completion of the 'Great Ditch' as an effective defensive blockade which slowed the advance of Liao cavalry forced the Liao to request a truce. der Liao-Dynastie, welche das Land in mehreren Siegen (979, 986) und im Frieden von Shanyuan 1004 behaupteten. During the later years of the Sung dynasty the quantity of hue-tsu issued was ever increased to the point where the country became inundated with paper notes. Advancements in weapons technology enhanced by gunpowder, including the evolution of the early flamethrower, explosive grenade, firearm, cannon, and land mine, enabled the Song Chinese to ward off their militant enemies until the Song's ultimate collapse in the late 13th century. Ebrey (1999), pp. Die Literatur blühte auf vielen Gebieten (Enzyklopädien, Technik, Medizin, Romane, Architektur, Religion, fremde Länder), und analog dazu gab es eine Zunahme öffentlicher wie privater Schulen und Bibliotheken. Lu bereiste die Provinzen, um so viel Material und Daten wie möglich zu sammeln. [169][170] He created a theory of land formation involving concepts accepted in modern geomorphology. [162][163], The Song Chinese observed supernovae. B. [131], Women wore long dresses, blouses that came down to the knee, skirts and jackets with long or short sleeves, while women from wealthy families could wear purple scarves around their shoulders. They reveal a diverse and lavish diet for those of the upper class. [19], During the preceding Tang dynasty, the civil service examinations did not yet produce the high number of officials as they would during the Song dynasty;[20] a hereditary aristocracy remained dependent on the court for attaining rank and holding office. The clock tower featured large astronomical instruments of the armillary sphere and celestial globe, both driven by an early intermittently working escapement mechanism (similarly to the western verge escapement of true mechanical clocks appeared in medieval clockworks, derived from ancient clockworks of classical times). This balance was disrupted when the Song dynasty developed a military alliance with the Jurchens for the purpose of annihilating the Liao. [43] The Jin dynasty was forced to submit and pay tribute to the Mongols as vassals; when the Jin suddenly moved their capital city from Beijing to Kaifeng, the Mongols saw this as a revolt. Ferner vermerkte man für das frühe 13. Estimate: $30,000–50,000. Die Hauptstadt von der nördlichen Song Dynastie war in Kaifeng. During the joint attack, the Song's northern expedition army removed the defensive forest along the Song-Liao border. Zünfte waren für Arbeitsvermittlung, Waisenheime und Feuerwehren zuständig, auch allgemein schufen Stiftungen diverse Wohlfahrtseinrichtungen in den Städten. "[223] Hong Mai pointed out that the erroneous material was the fault of Chancellor Cai Jing (1047–1126), who prohibited scholars from reading and consulting written histories. Andererseits war die Zentralregierung im Hinblick auf die Anzahl und Verbreitung der Behörden so stark vertreten wie noch nie, und die Tendenz war steigend. Im Jahr 1138 marschierte der chinesische Volksheld Yue Fei bereits auf Kaifeng, als der kriegsmüde Kaiser Gaozong einen Tribut-Frieden schloss, der auch eine Vasallenstellung der Song (bis 1165) beinhaltete. Shen objected to the idea of his peers that ancient relics were products created by famous "sages" in lore or the ancient aristocratic class; Shen rightfully attributed the discovered handicrafts and vessels from ancient times as the work of artisans and commoners from previous eras. It is estimated that the Northern Song had a population of 90 million people,[8] and 200 million by the time of the Ming dynasty. [12][13][14][15][16] Chinese records even mention an embassy from the ruler of "Fu lin" (拂菻, i.e. [216] Flanking the avenues leading to these tombs are lines of Song dynasty stone statues of officials, tomb guardians, animals, and legendary creatures. [6] The most notable advancement in the Song economy was the establishment of the world's first government issued paper-printed money, known as Jiaozi (see also Huizi). [128] The East Asian countries of Japan and Korea also adopted Zhu Xi's teaching, known as the Shushigaku (朱子學, School of Zhu Xi) of Japan, and in Korea the Jujahak (주자학). It saw great advancements in the visual arts, music, literature, and philosophy. So the Song dynasty moved south, and despite losing a large amount of territory, the Southern Song period was one of prosperity, with flourishing art and culture, as well as technological advancements. Lee Jay Walker. [200] There was the Song-era innovation of watertight bulkhead compartments that allowed damage to hulls without sinking the ships. Taiwan, Dieser Artikel behandelt die Nördliche und die Südliche Song-Dynastie. The Song dynasty was founded by Zhao Kuangyin (Emperor Taizu) (r. 960–976) in 960, before the Song completely reunified China proper by conquest—excluding only the Sixteen Prefectures. [63] Under certain circumstances, an unmarried daughter without brothers, or a surviving mother without sons, could inherit one-half of her father's share of undivided family property. Jahrhunderts gegeben war. The civil service system became institutionalized on a small scale during the Sui and Tang dynasties, but by the Song period it became virtually the only means for drafting officials into the government. [15], In theory, the emperor's political power was absolute, but even during the Han dynasty, he shared executive powers with civilian officials and normally based his decisions on the advice and formal consensus of his ministers. Südliche und Nördliche Dynastien | Song schaffte es jedoch nicht, die Sechzehn Präfekturen zu annektieren. Sie wurden Teil des Liao-Staates, dessen Zentrum in der Mandschurei lag und in der Folge unmittelbar nördlich an das Song-Reich grenzte. Nie war eine Zeit so reich an Dichtern gewesen wie die der Song. [44] Under the leadership of Ögedei Khan (r.1229–1241), both the Jin dynasty and Western Xia dynasty were conquered by Mongol forces. Southern Song dynasty (1127–1279). and to prove whether death resulted from murder, suicide, or accidental death. The gentry elite engaged in the arts as accepted pastimes of the cultured scholar-official, including painting, composing poetry, and writing calligraphy. Es gab sogar drei Ämter für die unabhängige Entgegennahme von Beschwerden und Anregungen seitens der Beamten und der Bevölkerung. Moreover, the Soochow Astronomical Chart on Chinese planispheres was prepared in 1193 for instructing the crown prince on astronomical findings. Für den Empfang von Abgesandten des koreanischen Königreiches Goryeo allein wurden 1500 Bände geschrieben, die die ausgefeilten Regeln des Umgangs mit den Abgesandten darlegten. [157] The Chinese odometer was a wheeled carriage, its gearwork being driven by the rotation of the carriage's wheels; specific units of distance—the Chinese li—were marked by the mechanical striking of a drum or bell as an auditory signal. [28], While the central Song court remained politically divided and focused upon its internal affairs, alarming new events to the north in the Liao state finally came to its attention. Beamte erhielten 80 freie Tage im Jahr und 50 % (und mehr) des Gehaltes als Pension, weiterhin bekamen sie eine gewisse Menge Landbesitz als steuerfreien Gehaltszuschlag. Die Song-Dynastie (chinesisch .mw-parser-output .Hani{font-size:110%}宋朝, Pinyin Sòngcháo, W.-G. Von 993 bis 1004 baute Song mit dem Wissen von Liao an einem Kanalsystem namens Großer Graben, das sich vom Taihang-Gebirge bis zum Golf von Bohai erstreckte[21] und Song vor Angriffen aus Liao schützen sollte. [129] A true revival of Buddhism in Chinese society would not occur until the Mongol rule of the Yuan dynasty, with Kublai Khan's sponsorship of Tibetan Buddhism and Drogön Chögyal Phagpa as the leading lama. Die Song versuchten ab den 980er Jahren die von den Tang verlorenen Präfekturen auf dem Ordos-Plateau von den Tanguten, die die Westliche Xia-Dynastie gegründet hatten, zurückzugewinnen. [218] Some attempted to recreate these bronze vessels by using imagination alone, not by observing tangible evidence of relics; this practice was criticized by Shen Kuo in his work of 1088. The Mongol invasion eventually led to a Chinese reunification under the Yuan dynasty.[5]. Weiterhin war die Existenz des Tanguten-Reiches in Gansu und die des Staates Nánzhāo (Bai, aber auch Thai, Tibeter, Chinesen mit Hauptstadt Dali) in Yunnan zu verzeichnen. Dies wurde durch neuartige Taktiken erreicht wie der Führung von Nachschublinien über Pontonbrücken bei der Überquerung des Jangtsekiang im Feldzug gegen die Südlichen Tang im Jahre 974. After usurping the throne of the Later Zhou dynasty, Emperor Taizu of Song (r. 960–976) spent sixteen years conquering the rest of China, reuniting much of the territory that had once belonged to the Han and Tang empires and ending the upheaval of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period. Although the scholar-officials viewed military soldiers as lower members in the hierarchic social order,[105] a person could gain status and prestige in society by becoming a high-ranking military officer with a record of victorious battles. November 1038 sandte er einen Botschafter in die Song-Hauptstadt, um Anerkennung als Sohn des blauen Himmels zu erwirken und um mitzuteilen, dass Xia dank des neuen Status keinen Tribut mehr zahlen würde. [9], Taizu hatte großes Interesse an Wissenschaft und Technik. Estimate: $200,000–300,000. [28][141] Both private and government-controlled industries met the needs of a growing Chinese population in the Song. [36], The Song government confiscated portions of land owned by the landed gentry in order to raise revenue for these projects, an act which caused dissension and loss of loyalty amongst leading members of Song society but did not stop the Song's defensive preparations. An seine Stelle trat der Konservative Sima Guang, der die Großgrundbesitzer und reichen Kaufleute vertrat und die „neuen Gesetze“ wieder rückgängig machte. It was the first known book to have listed formulas for gunpowder;[118] it gave appropriate formulas for use in several different kinds of gunpowder bombs.

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