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“The women of Ireland are so inspirational. "I think with Sr Michael, her darkness comes from the experience of teaching girls. How we have repeatedly stood by ourselves in the fight for our bodily autonomy and in such uniquely female fights. Microwaved dinners. I suppose I mean I thought that you'd have to be more glamorous. “I always say it feels great, but d’you know what, it feels very separate to me because it’s gotten so big now—after a while the numbers make no sense. "That's another relic coming up," says McSweeney, whose vote will be a yes. We meet in a café in Russell Square Gardens, where Siobhán breezily tells me a bird has just moments ago taken a shite all down her black jumper. It would have to be done with Lisa—I don’t think anybody else could write it—this could come around and bite me in the arse now and it’ll be done by a whole writers room! The Derry Girls Will Enter the Bake Off Tent This Festive Season, 07 July 2018 Just really lovely. They make it look so easy that fools like myself think they can do it. People with small kids were working extra-long so I could have more time with dad. It was indicative of the people involved and of what we had created. I won’t say anything else. Her fate sealed, she got to do both at once, playing the flinty Sister Michael in the hit TV series Derry Girls, written and directed by Lisa McGee. It was shocking in a way, that when it did finally happen it was signed off by a civil servant in a bureaucratic manner. There wasn’t one leader, and that’s really rare in this binary and hierarchical time. They’d filled the fridge, they’d arranged the bedroom. She is running the estate. It was done quietly, probably in a small beige room. And look at the humour in all the political movements—look at the humour in the North; the cartoons,  the signs at the protest. They had dusted everything down. “For the sake of any confusion, I mean this with the utmost contempt.”. There’s moments when I feel like all this confusion and hatred for the world has just left her agog. What can Siobhán tell us about season 3 of Derry Girls? Derry Girls is a British sitcom created and written by Lisa McGee.Produced by Hat Trick Productions, it is set in Derry, Northern Ireland, in the 1990s. I hope when you look at me, and my very ordinariness, you identify in a different way than perhaps we have been used to. Anything that gets my bank manager off my back. As a woman it’s better to seem confident and recognise that we do deserve these things—but I’ve recently started dabbling a bit in writing and I must admit that imposter syndrome is very much creeping up there. Duty. Siobhán’s first piece of published writing will appear in ‘Winter Papers’, an annual anthology for the arts published by Kevin Barry and Olivia Smith, and from which she will read an excerpt at the Dublin Book Festival next week— but how did that come about? We were quite boisterous. "What I love is to show our very ordinariness. But I’d love to do one. There was wine. Siobhan is an Irish actress. People roared with laughter, but you'd hear some women laughing, of a certain age. Cynicism is a "habit" learnt through "dark life experiences", she says. Keep your little bookworms engaged outside of the classroom with our selection of the very best literary adaptations. "People have an over-respect for tragedians," says the nation's newest comedic treasure with a sparkle. “Maybe the third series should be done with sock puppets supplied by Jim Henson and we could go a bit slower, because when it comes to Westminster it’s obvious that the first two series is still a bit over their heads, so we’ll go a bit slower again. Her name in Irish is Siobhán Nic Suibhne. That was my favourite moment. A bitter laugh. In Caroline Byrne's revival of Katie Roche by Teresa Deevy in the Abbey, McSweeney was a tremendous spinster sister to Katie Roche's intended. I suppose it would have to be a school trip or something wouldn’t it? Set before the clergy sex-abuse scandals … The work that was done in the Together For Yes campaign is extraordinary. To say that Siobhán McSweeney, who plays Sister Michael in Channel 4’s ‘Derry Girls’, is down to earth is an understatement—she’d be better described as being in the molten core of the planet. It belongs completely to the fans now, I think.”. "I remember going home and telling mammy 'I want to be a nun'. The highs, the lows. It's placing women at the centre of the story. The Derry Girls Will Enter the Bake Off Tent This Festive Season, Siobhán McSweeney: ‘We’re not seeing women being heroes in their own lives enough’. Who knows. It's what I love about comedy. The actress Fiona Shaw, who stars in Killing Eve also attended this school. “And my aunt, who was my surrogate mother and who passed away a few weeks ago. Care-giving has crept up lately in the roles McSweeney has played on stage.

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