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In an interview with Haaretz, Sheldon’s wife Miriam said that his son had used heroin and cocaine from a young age. Although Adelson is currently receiving treatment for cancer, it is not the first time that the illness has overshadowed his life. [107], Adelson donated over $25 million to The Adelson Educational Campus in Las Vegas to build a high school. It’s a little bit unclear at times who is speaking, but there’s two times in this tape where Sheldon Adelson’s daughter comes out from the suite and actually apologizes to us. [103], On January 31, ABC News reported that Adelson and his wife Miriam had contributed $500,000 to the Patriot Legal Expense Fund Trust, which was set up in 2018 to assist aides of President Trump under investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller's probe into Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections. Well, it is personal, because they’re private citizens. It’s on camera. In 2008 Richard Suen, a Hong Kong businessman who had helped Adelson make connections with leading Chinese officials in order to obtain the Macau license, took Adelson to court in Las Vegas alleging he had reneged on his agreement to allow Suen to profit from the venture. [130] and $26 billion for 2008. MIKE BURKE: We’re trying to follow Karl Rove and Sheldon Adelson as they go down the hallway here in the suites. “Sheldon has a daughter, who is perfectly all right, and the relations between them are exceptional,” she said. We’ll take care of it. We actually have some audiotape—I mean, it’s videotape, but it’s from Hany’s camera. In May 2006, Adelson's Las Vegas Sands was awarded a hotly contested license to construct a casino resort in Singapore's Marina Bay. Adelson's company was reportedly under federal investigation over alleged violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act relating to payments made to a Macau lawyer. It is one of five stand-alone casinos that were awarded a slots license by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board in 2006. The following year, Adelson and his partners constructed the Sands Expo and Convention Center, then the only privately owned and operated convention center in the U.S. AMY GOODMAN: There you have this bit of commotion here. When we were outside the suite—this is after the camera—after Sheldon Adelson’s daughter took our camera and threw it on the ground, we spent several minutes right outside the suite. MIKE BURKE: I’ve been working on this job for 12 years. [includes rush transcript]. In November 2008, Las Vegas Sands Corp. announced it might default on bonds that it had outstanding, signaling the potential bankruptcy of the concern. The hotel opened May 27, 2011. We will be joined by Rolling Stone reporter Matt Taibbi. This trend was already observed by a TGI survey in July 2010. [43], Adelson's newspaper, the Las Vegas Review-Journal, was the only major newspaper nationwide to endorse Trump. [14] Aged 16 in 1948, he then borrowed $10,000 (or $102,349 in 2017 dollars) from his uncle to start a candy-vending-machine business. Until she grabbed the camera, it wasn’t a big deal. MIKE BURKE: Yeah, and there was a very large entourage that ended up responding to this incident. MIKE BURKE: And how has Citizens United affected this year’s campaign? [30] In 2016, Adelson's attorney announced that he does not own Israel Hayom, but that it is owned by a relative of his. ADELSON HANDLER: She did. It’s a skybox that looks out onto the arena. AMY GOODMAN: And that is Sheldon Adelson’s suite. “We don’t know. Adelson said that he planned to open more hotels under brands such as Four Seasons, Sheraton and St. Regis. Some of these large donors also can sit out on the higher—on the higher bleachers of the arena, and they sit with their wine, and they watch the proceedings below. Dr. Adelson was granted the presidential honor around a month later. HANY MASSOUD: OK, that’s fine. [56], Adelson received the Chairman's Award from the Nevada Policy Research Institute, a think tank in Las Vegas, for his efforts to advance free market principles in Nevada. MIKE BURKE: We tried to get into several of these suites last night, and every single time we were turned away. And Gingrich had been, you know, far more outspoken. Over the course of his business career, Adelson has created almost 50 of his own businesses, making him a serial entrepreneur. [67], In February 2012, Adelson told Forbes magazine that he is "against very wealthy people attempting to or influencing elections. She ran back into me. But we have some tape. His Paper in Israel Offers Tantalizing Clues, "Adelsons Add $25 Million to Their Midterm Campaign Spending", "Casino mogul gave $500K to Trump campaign's legal defense fund", Trump antagonizes GOP megadonor Adelson in heated phone call, "Adelsons provide $75 million cash infusion to Trump's reelection effort", "Vegas billionaire Sheldon Adelson expected to set new charity donation record", The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles, "Adelson Foundation Gives Taglit An Extra $5 Million Boost", "Hollywood gala raises a record $33 million for IDF", "Court overturns $43.8 million judgment against Las Vegas Sands", "Casino owner Sheldon Adelson hit with $70-million verdict", "Las Vegas Sands' Adelson loses court battle", "Judgment calls for Las Vegas Sands to pay Suen $101.6 million", "Sands Told to Pay $101.6 Million Over Macau Permit", "Adelson May Have to Answer Ex-Macau Chief's Casino Firing Claims", "In Filing, Casino Operator Admits Likely Violation of an Antibribery Law", "Sheldon Adelson Wins Millions in Damages from British Newspaper", "Court dismisses Sheldon Adelson defamation suit", "Las Vegas Sands Plunges on Default, Bankruptcy Risk", "Now Who's the Richest? And one gentleman—I didn’t get his name, but his—he was kind of urging us just to leave. That’s exactly my point. might know, he—very infrequently does he speak to the press. AMY GOODMAN: And who identified this woman as Adelson’s daughter? ADELSON HANDLER: Do me a favor. AMY GOODMAN: Investigative reporter Peter Stone, describing the casino billionaire magnate Sheldon Adelson, who is playing such a significant role in this post-Citizens United election, promising to spend some $100 million in this election. [81], On January 23, Adelson's wife, Miriam, contributed an additional $5 million to the same organization with instructions to use it to advance a "pro-Newt message". It includes stores at The Shoppes, convention center for Sands Live concert series, multiple swimming pools, night clubs, and 2,500 luxury hotel rooms. Adelson’s daughter married Richard Heller, a businessman who was later awarded a position as president of Sands Expo & Convention Center.

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