seymour college principal sacked

Lots of sexist inappropriate comments to us female teachers. Do you want to transfer the AEU out of the State, Rick? She said one fellow teacher refused to speak to her, as she did not wear a veil, and she had challenged the same tutor after he ordered all his female students to wear the niqab in his lessons. We’ve been complaining about Paul Newman’s bullying for years and years. properly implement adequate policies to deal with the sexual assault of students, and that in failing to do so it acted in a manner that was wrong within the meaning of section 25(1)(g) of the Ombudsman Act. MYSTERY surrounds the shock and immediate departure of Seymour College principal Melissa Powell, less than a year into the role. Judge Brian Gilchrist compliments Ferg Ferguson then throws him under the bus. FF: And did he ever mention to you anything about this rape threat?

Ferg said he was bullied at Ernabella School by Peter Ruwoldt the Deputy Principal. This is cognitive bias:  People believe or want to believe they are better than they really are. Here is the email account with no more lawyer’s letters. On 30 December 2013, the Acting Chief Executive of the department provided me with a document outlining the action taken in relation to these recommendations.

People would rather call the police than talk to their neighbor about their bins. Seymour College is delighted to announce the appointment of Vanessa Browning as the school’s 14th Principal … Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8:30am – 4:30 pm ps: We noticed Judge Gilchrist didn’t write anything about Paul Newman’s lies either. Seymour College has announced the appointment of Vanessa Browning as the school’s 14th principal, taking over from Kevin Tutt, who will retire at the end of the year. Paul Newman will testify on 24 or 25 July. Thankyou Ferg for telling the world what is going on in Rick Persse’s schools. Contact Info: T. 5771 1300. Mrs Khan also said the college principal have warned of the school being 'polluted' because she had 'let a Christian in'. With too many to keep ignoring Newman was moved back to Adelaide at the end of 2017. Wilderness School will … Try following these 10 easy rules: By following these rules for success in South Australia Department for Education, you can absorb enormous amounts of attention, time and resources with impunity. Rick Persse said “I acted in good faith, I don’t have to care if the information given to me is true or not.”, Judge agreed “I accept that it was a decision made in good faith.”, Judge said “I accept Mr Persse’s evidence that even if all of Mr Ferguson’s complaints were valid it would have made no difference to his decision to transfer him.”. Farm Heroes Saga, the #4 Game on iTunes. I think he is a firm believer in using legal process to protect his interests. Remember to always keep a diary of everything you did, who you spoke to, what you told them and what they did or didn’t do. Please email us more of those funny legal threats. We’re not surprised Rick and Paul Newman don’t like you! Shut out the principals of rival senior staff. The more people cave to fear, the more they become implicated in shared guilt and work to maintain silence whether they want to or not. So you’ve got suicide of kids and friends of children. People are saying, “We are not going to the police,” and I find that difficult to ignore.

Don’t worry bored bureaucrats, there’s much more to come.

In the transcripts Rick Persse likes to blame Ferg for everything. They will be too afraid even to share this article.
We don’t know if the number is 31% or 69% when the result is “some”. Powerful people playing games, spreading gossip and rumours. To lie and cover it up (Rick Persse, should be leading by example for our young people in Education) for your friend is worse. You want more waste of money Mr Treasurer?

ps. please send a better letter than Nick Papadopoulos’s lawyer, that was waaay too funny! Remember to think about protecting employer’s insurance payments: Ferg sent an email to Paul Newman about taking legal action for the bad health and safety in APY Lands schools. And employing all his friends from Victoria. Ferg also won a recent Employment Tribunal decision: Rick Persse tried to bully him and have costs awarded against him last month for something, Tribunal said No. Historical no.1 worst school on the Lands. The vice principal of a Muslim girls' college who claimed she was sacked for opposing rules telling all pupils to wear veils during lessons has lost her claim for racial discrimination. They want to look good, even though most surveys are anonymous. OMG. Carry out a steady program of harassment and gradually you will be released from duties to students, too. Paul Newman told staff he’s been transferred to the city away from the APY Lands. Browning has been Head of Seymour’s Junior School since joining from St Catherine’s Sydney three years ago.

But then action taken against Ferg for complaining, when he is transferred. We are no longer accepting comments on this article. Mark Ames is keeping the Education Director seat warm for now. NEW EMAIL ADDRESS-PLEASE SEND TO THIS ONE: Tell the real APY story, email it here: In 2017 many people helped to make these blogs alive and sustainable by deepening our relationship with the Communities and our readers. Play it now. Happy Easter: a crucifixion then rolling away the stone.

Rick Persse doesn’t care about keeping Aboriginal kids safe in schools. Best friend Paul Newman gave him the principal job there with no experience. In ‘The Advertiser’ Dept for Education admitted to the protocols recently for Le Fevre High School situation. Your colleagues will take on extra work to protect them from your roving intimidation. [8], Seymour College is situated on a single 10 hectare campus,[6] located 5 km southeast of the Adelaide city centre, in the Adelaide foothills.

According to the Debelle report, she authored an email instructing a letter be prepared about the sexual assault, but that it only be released upon media attention. This website is not available right now. Judge said “I acted in good faith” is good enough for Rick Persse to win any case. One child reported to the counsellor – and I won’t name names – but one child reported to the counsellor that another child was having sex and raping other students in the school toilet. Furthermore, many employees say the Department for Education do not promote or support holding crucial conversations. It said staff had received complaints describing Mrs Khan as 'rude and bad-tempered'. Like this one of many: And her affair with Fregon principal Matt Green, coward and destroyer of Gayle Woodford’s memorial. We estimate an employee’s failure to raise their concerns about a workplace situation costs a school tens of thousands of dollars in lost time and resources. Crush the confidence of anyone with the potential to surpass you. Wayne used to be one of those government lawyers for 16 years, helping The Government to silence people like Ferg Ferguson. Did you ever hear anyone complain that the deputy in response to the rape threat said, “Boys will be boys”? Colleagues who used to get along fine will be divided by resentment of their mutual failure to stand up to you. By the time most people are fretting over whether or not they should speak up, they’ve already been holding the concern inside for long enough that it has begun to fester and turn ugly. If anywhere needs more vigilance and more protection and higher levels of duty of care and higher levels of health and safety for children it’s those schools. Rick puts out a saucer of cream, Judge Gilchrist laps it up. There are a few things you wouldn't understand.

The best way to make that point in a way that sticks with people is to make a sacrifice. So do many others: Sure, there will be critics. He said, "you have no knowledge of anything and have no right to talk with somebody not related to you." 'I said "nowhere in Islam does it say they must wear a veil to come to classes." . “In the three years that I have worked with Vanessa, every meeting with her has left me feeling energised and inspired,” Seymour College Chair, Rosina Hislop, said.
A lot of fights, assaults, dog beating and fighting. Someone contacted me already with some new story yippee!

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