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Paige apologizes for being late as Ralph is sick as Walter walks down the stairs. Those that quit the team then form a new one called "Team Centipede" in which they presumably work to solve similar cases, although it was never revealed if they have special government clearance or not. In the van, Walter tells everything to Cabe as they tail Paulson, who's heading for the docks to send the painting to Hong Kong. It's daytime now, and they find the plane, but there's no sign of a corpse and the technology they find is three years old. In the present day, the team is dressed up to go with Ralph to his party: Toby is Sigmund Freud, Sylvester is Super Fun Guy, Walter is Cabe, Paige has fairy wings, and Happy painted whiskers on her face. Walter and Cabe head back to the suite, where Sylvester is seasick, and gives everyone comms. Scorpion arrives on the scene of a neurotoxicity lab that has been taken over, and they have to take control of the building. Corbin helps the pilot up by having him lean on him, and tells Walter to get the tech, but Walter stops because a gun is pointed at him. Walter helped Ralph with his science fair project, and then after he left, asked Paige about the brochure for a school for the gifted. Due both to his high IQ and low EQ, he has problems connecting with people, even geniuses he's known for years. The team tells him if the bird flies off, Walter will die. Cut to the present day, Walter's in session with a psychiatrist, getting evaluated. Sylvester shows up in a SFG t-shirt and the team arrives with the car in chicken feathers. Walter is incredibly intelligent, and it is that high intelligence that gives him a very low EQ. Paige tells Walter the code is the date Walter sent him away, and Collins rushes at Walter only to be shot in the leg by Cabe. He also is great at finding lost souls and guiding them, like he did with his own team. While on a plane to Toby and Happy's honeymoon, the two discuss their relationship and decide to wait on telling Ralph until they're ready. Cabe says Robert Richter, a man whose daughter died because the drug was taken off. After another successful case, Walter decides they should do private jobs. "Scorpion Executive Producer Walter O'Brien Discusses the Differences Between His Actual Life and the Show", "Meet the Irish genius that inspired a new US television series", "Scorpion Secrets Spilled: Real-Life Walter O'brien Gives Peek Inside Firm Featured in CBS Hit Drama", "Techmanity Event Day 2 (Afternoon Sessions) - San Jose, CA - 10.2.14", "THE WALTER O'BRIEN BEHIND WALTER O'BRIEN ON 'SCORPION, "Scorpion at Nerd Nite Los Angeles: Social Roundup", Official site of Scorpion Computer Services,, Fictional characters based on real people, All Wikipedia articles written in American English, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Irish, American (After S3E7 - A Bigger Vote), This page was last edited on 8 November 2020, at 19:42. Walter just asks for the code, and Mark says 1199. He goes back to the garage and thanks Happy for pulling out of the rabbit hole, but Happy says she did it as a friend, not a thank you. When Toby arrives, Owen's been under for 5 minutes, and Walter is determined to go back under even though Owen is likely dead, and the tunnel is completely unstable. He is drugged on morphine and falls asleep, and Paige kisses him while he sleeps. Cabe goes to Walter and compliments his work that day, but Walter says two more are dead out of it. Happy tells him she isn't going to let him eulogize himself, and she refuses to let him die. Walter and Cabe meet them on the lido deck, with the rockets hanging on the rail. The hacker then says everyone dies in 60 minutes, but Scorpion still doesn't have a way in. Walter attempts to act human, but it's very unnatural and awkward and Paige quickly takes over. Toby tells Walter that they need the guards away from the blimp so they can send the Sun Gun panels away, so Walter lies and tells Rahal someone just jumped the south security wall to draw away the guards. However, when the team enters the backyard and sees the giant antenna, they quickly realize they are in Mark's house, and ask him why they're there and where Collins is. Cabe tells him not to want vengeance, and to keep focus. Walter calls Happy and asks them to bring Bruce, the agent who was supposed to be at the garage, to the hospital. They interrogate Leonard back at the garage, and at first he tells them nothing. Toby, sick at the garage, will be watching the cameras. He and Paige Dineen recently broke up. Sylvester, along with Toby, Happy and Paige, all quit Team Scorpion at once after Florence tells everyone back at the garage that she has feelings for Walter. However, to have a cadence, they must sing a song aloud. They get Owen's parents on the phone, but their phone dies after 2 minutes. Walter denies love, but is clearly lying to a degree. Collins says he knows Walter knows it's a setup, he bugged the reactor. She also seems to have feelings for O'Brien, but has trouble dealing with them due to Walter's not believing that love and emotion are real. Walter realizes she wanted Leonard there because she loved him, and Cabe says he will work out a deal Leonard for Walter. Somewhere in 2010, he married Happy Quinn in order to keep his green card and eventually get citizenship. Walter tells Cabe he had Mark committed into an asylum three years ago: it's why Mark disappeared randomly. He doesn't, but if she fails him, she is ignoring that no matter how many people upset, all of his actions had a purpose and were efficient. Walter and the team return to the office, glum about the training exercise report. But Boyd dies right in front of him, and later after talking with Merrick, he talks to Ralph, who sealed the hole in the vent before any gas could get out. Back at the base, Corbin gives Walter their unit's challenge coin for exemplary service on a mission, and Walter gives him a code for free war movies for life when it's coded into a DVR. Scorpion is a high-octane drama about eccentric genius Walter O'Brien and his team of brilliant misfits who are the last line of defense against complex, high-tech threats of the modern age. One scientist goes into a blindspot with his phone a minute before each of the emails is sent. In a private conversation, Mark tells Walter thanks for letting him help, but Walter coldly replies "it's efficient". Walter says she is part of the team, and they go make chicken pescatta. Walter hacked the sprinkler system of the cemetery where. They get into the car and Walter uses the watch to open the gate. They only have 24 hours to find the real painting, so Cabe calls in Hetty Lange. But the passage has to be opened by an employee swipe: Renee was the last one to swipe her card, meaning she is in the inside man on the robbery, and the one who framed Walter. His inability to express emotions normally stems mainly from the fact that for most of his life, he only ever connected with two people: his sister, Megan, and Cabe Gallo. He promises he will come back for Owen once he can free his leg. He has to cauterize the wound, and Toby talks him through it by having Walter heat a silver pen on the still-hot dashboard, then press it into his wound to cauterize it. The team, save Sylvester, watches the scientist die on camera after he takes off his suit helmet and the sarin gas kills him. Walter narrows down locations on his own, and finds out shrapnel has been recovered from Sylvester's chest. Walter O'Brien is the founder and CEO of Scorpion Computer Services, Inc., and the inspiration behind the #1 rated show on CBS, Scorpion. Walter gears up in a fire resistance chute, but Sylvester says there's a backup that reignites after 3 minutes or 90 seconds, depending on the model.

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