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Thus, a person who ceased to be a Hindu by converting to non-Hindu religion may again become a Hindu if he reconverts to Hinduism. Join Facebook to connect with Vijaya Kumari and others you may know. Sister Juthika, 52, is the chief executive of the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority. Nair is survived by his daughter, three sons, and five grandchildren. Nair was also much loved by his grandchildren. Her Bengali family initially objected to their relationship, but event- ually gave them their blessings. The eldest, Janadas, 51, lives in Austin, Texas; Janamitra, 49, in Washington DC; Janaprakash, 45, in Toronto; and daughter Vijaya Kumari, 40, in Hamilton, Ontario. The total paid up capital of all companies where DEVAN ANOOP VIJAYA KUMARI holds active directorship is Rs ₹1,00,000.00 ( ₹1.00 Lakhs ). In the cases like Brahmo Samajists (Ram Bhagwan v. J.C. Bose (1903) 301 A 249), Arya Samajists (Shyamsunder v. Shankar, 1960 Mys 27), Radhasoamis (Shanti Swarup v. R.S. [CDATA[>--> Nair also alleged that he was fed drugs to make him appear disoriented, and rumours were spread about his personal life in an attempt to discredit him. She is the winner of the Kerala State award for best stage actress. He was always approachable and would make an effort to be involved in their lives, they said. In C. W. T. v. R. Sridharan, 1976 H LR 600(SC) case, the Court held that where a Hindu male married a Christian female and the child was brought up as a Hindu, the family would be Hindu undivided family governed by Hindu Law. -Devan Nair (President from 1981-1985) Wife: ... formerly a businessman, died two years ago; he would have been 50 this year. It is not necessary that he reconverts to the same religion from which he converted to the non-Hindu religion. It may broadly be described as a way of life and nothing more”. [CDATA[// >