reyn and sharla

Someone I’ve never won a fight against... So let’s show ‘em how it’s done! Anyway, who’s going to start a fight with the mighty Reyn? Eye colour Fine?! Oi! I can’t quite see you as a deep thinker. I used to think a lot, once upon a time. No! I used to give Gadolt a what for too, actually. It’s easier that way. It’s nothing. Right now, my goal is making them pay. Reyn: Is it? Reyn: Oh, don’t worry. You can talk to me about anything. Sharla: I’ll take that as a good sign, Reyn. He always gave in. Treat me like a punching bag! You’d be angry... as a friend. I can’t do everything on my own. We’re friends, aren’t we? Let go of all that guilt and things’ll be much clearer. Reyn: But you said it's only 'cos of my thick head. Sharla: Oh, I see. She almost immediately takes a liking to Reyn but has trouble believing that Shulk can witness the future. Colony 9 (Agora Shore) Overlooking the Colony is a Heart-to-Heart in Xenoblade Chronicles. His default outfit consist of a silver, grey, and orange metallic top, dark grey pants, dark grey and orange fingerless gauntlets, and near black boots that reach near his knees. Did I say something wrong? Sharla: Can I tell you something? Reyn: So why don’t you give yourself a break concentrate on that? It is located on Agora Shore in Colony 9, between Reyn and Sharla at purple affinity. It is located in a small cavern within the Refugee Camp on Bionis' Leg, between Sharla and Reyn at green affinity. Reyn: Why not? Unfortunately, the Mechon attacked, led by Xord, and destroyed Colony 6. Always. Unless we have peace, there’s no point even rebuilding Colony 6. Forgive my painfully unfunny additions, but I had to give it a go lol. What's On Reyn's Mind is a Heart-to-Heart in Xenoblade Chronicles. Ultimate. Sharla: I just feel like... it’s not time yet. She also receives Gadolt's Rifle from Otharon. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It can only be viewed after the events in the Ether Mine. Not right now. Heart-to-Hearts also help build character development in the game's storyline. Sharla: You do make me smile, Reyn. It is at the Refugee Camp that Sharla meets Shulk and Reyn. Reyn: Umm... not Shulk. But I can’t. Reyn: I knew it! There’s that... but no. Reyn and Sharla Sharla: I was joking, Reyn! Sharla: You... sound like this has happened to you a lot, Reyn. Sharla: What? Location Sharla: [You have... dignified qualities.] Reyn: I... What... No, course not! Maybe it’s just ‘cos I’m stupid, but it feels more natural that way. XC:DE Reyn: [It’ll all be fine!] How can I even think about going home and living a peaceful life? Reyn: That’s why I’m here, Sharla! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Sharla: He’s the best shot on Bionis! In a straight up fight, no one can beat me! Reyn: [Let me put it this way...] You wanna help out with the reconstruction, right? Not right now. Sharla: Huh? And that ain't right at all! However, she has a vengeful side that is first seen when Xord reveals that he ate the entire Defence Force of Colony 6. Sharla and Reyn Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Reyn: Dignified qualities? Reyn: Then what else have I got? Why is it you can never think of these things when you need to? Reyn: "Oi Sharla, what about me?!" Prioritizing Affection improves Sharla's maximum HP based on the number of skills that have been unlocked in this tree: Sharla owns unique Shooter and Engineer abilities for Gem Crafting, they are: Sharla appears as a trophy in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U and a spirit in Super Smash Bros. It can be unlocked by completing Avenge a Mamapon's Death, which requires 4☆ affinity with Frontier Village. I don’t stand a chance against her. What would you do without me? Feel free to edit!~ Edited. Sharla: I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t thought about it. I’ll look forward to sparring with you! Reyn: Great! Gentle Bonus: Cylinder Gauge fills up more with gentle flame. the ending shows Juju and Sharla fishing with Reyn (and rikki). Just not always my brain... Xenoblade Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. In a straight up fight, no one can beat me! Reyn: Oh, great! Shulk would never take me on. This is a signature. How can I even think about going home and living a peaceful life? You're so red in the face, I could swear you and Gadolt are related. Sharla: That’s sweet, Reyn. I can use my head in a fight! Although after particularly harrowing incidents causes Sharla to lose her will to continue, encouragement from the party and her own resolve to fight allows her to carry on, determined to keep fighting until the antagonistic forces that threaten those she cares for are taken down once and for all. Otherwise you’ll keel over from all the stress! Reyn: That went way over my head. Sharla: [You don’t mean Shulk?] So after that I stopped worrying about stuff. Sharla: Yeah, I can see what you mean. Anyway, who’s going to start a fight with the mighty Reyn? She originally became a medic so she could protect Juju and heal him whenever he got hurt according to the Heart-to-Heart "Revisiting the Past". Reyn: ... When Juju runs away the three give chase, and Sharla reveals her speciality is healing. Sharla: M-mine, I guess... Reyn: But I wanna know now! If it comes back to me, I’ll let you know. Tell it to me straight. talent gauge fills up depending on the arts used, her rifle must undergo cool-off mode after the talent gauge reaches 100%. Sharla: Yeah, that thick head of yours could withstand anything! Sharla: He’s the best shot on Bionis! When I heard you call Juju ‘kid,’ it made me smile. Sharla: Sorry, Reyn! Reyn: Come on, Sharla! When she finds that Xord ate the entire Defence Force, she swears not to stop until she has destroyed every Mechon. Sharla: [Gadolt, of course!] Heart-to-Hearts are interactions between two playable characters in Xenoblade Chronicles. Reyn: You better! Are you so old you’re losing your memory?! Come on, Sharla. Hang on... Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U,, Increases range of long-distance arts by 5%, Physical Protect 20% for 30 sec to party with Battle Start Affinity, Increases healing by 25% when warned of a vision, 75% chance to reduce Ether damage taken by 25% for 30 seconds with Battle Start Affinity, Restores 20% of max HP to remaining party members when incapacitated. Me all the way, baby! Ultimate. Sharla: Umm... how can I put this? Reyn: It’s OK. He ain’t got my size or build, but his jab is quick and powerful. But honestly, I still don’t think I’d have figured this out on my own. Reyn: Right? So you don’t have to lift a finger! Reyn: All right, I admit it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a bad situation. Reyn: Don’t have to tell me twice! Added another necessary Reyn quote. Characters Reyn: Once or twice. At 1.68 m (5'6") Sharla is a fairly tall woman, with tan skin, long black hair reaching just past her shoulders, soft brown eyes, and a beauty mark on the lower left of her lip. Reyn: It did? I’m glad I met you, Reyn. Sharla: [Er... give me a second.] 1.68 m Overlooking the Colony is a Heart-to-Heart in Xenoblade Chronicles. Sharla Isn’t it? Sharla: Oh, no reason. You know, a punching bag for talking to. Actually, when you got angry at Juju, it reminded me of Gadolt. Sharla and Juju were tasked with helping the young and elderly flee the Colony. Reyn: G-got it. Reyn, you’re something special. Sharla's Japanese voice actor, Akeno Watanabe, later voiced. Location Oi! Sharla: I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t thought about it. But what good is second guessing yourself supposed to do? Species Sharla: Wait, are you talking about actual sparring now? Reyn: Now you’re getting it! Sharla: I know you will. Reyn: Let me ask you this... Whose idea was it for you to tag along with me and Shulk? I mean... well... not just ‘cos we’re friends. Akeno Watanabe Reyn: There was this one time, though. Sharla: Yeah, that thick head of yours could withstand anything! Sharla: I can guess how that turned out! Don't be so serious all the time. Sharla: What are you talking about? Reyn: Sure. I should concentrate on the road ahead. I didn’t say it was the only reason! This is important! Voice actor (JP) During this battle, Sharla realises that Shulk's visions are real. She is also the only character besides Reyn to have an initial Skill Tree that allows her to equip heavy armour.

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