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I found this case that had been shipped to me.,, Loudwire: Rex Brown Completes New Solo Album,, The Official Rex Brown Reverb Shop Lounched Today,,, Loudwire: Rex Brown Exits Kill Devil Hill, Preps ´Darker, Introspecting Album, © Copyright - Rex Brown | Privacy Policy -, I agree to my personal data being stored and used to receive the newsletter. Learn more. I can remember when Don didn't hardly even know a bar chord. The whole structure with this record was to… look, I never like to go in and make the same record twice. His boots are planted on the foundation of his storied past, while both eyes maintain a steely and steadfast gaze upon the horizon. Lance Harvill, that was with me on the last record. Rex: They built me so many of those fuckin’ things! Does it need that slur there? It’s been long enough. Rex recently fell in love with our Quarter Pound PJ set, but also wanted the power and versatility of our most aggressive active pre-amp and EQ, and the ability to quickly and easily engage it with a push/push volume pot…the Rex Brown Quarter Pound PJ System was born! I sit around, I’ve got a million guitars. It was fun. My producer loved the sound of it, and we just slapped it through a DI and then went into an old SVT Pro 2 and into one of these cabinets that Jonas Hellborg and I built, like four of five years ago. You know, you listen to those Don Henley records and stuff like that. If you like playing with a pick, pick’s a lot easier, but a pick is also used for different things. Hans sent me one of the (Warwick) Thumb basses, in about ’93 or ’94. I think there’s maybe five leads on this record. Rex Brown:I was the last of 26 grandchildren. More Details . Let's look at some of the gear and equipment that has been seen in Rex Brown's Bass Guitar Gear Rig. Rex: You don’t put tubas on fuckin’ rock & roll records. That's where that boogie started.Rex Brown:Bass playing to me is instilled. Anything he played on is pretty much timeless. I’ve got a Corvette that’s just totally badass. Are you pretty well done with your 5-strings? We didn’t go through any Avalons or anything like that. I’m still using the same producer that I used on the last record. The Reverb Shop will feature bass guitars, amps, pedals, and electric guitars used throughout the bassist’s career, including a Spector White Casper 4-String bass guitar that was created for Brown in 2010 and used on every recording he’s played on since then—from all the Kill Devil Hill records and his debut solo album to his second solo album, due out this fall. 1 / 1. FBPO: What about on the fretless? Copyright © 2020 Seymour Duncan. Bassforge™️ Rex Brown. The co-writer of Rex Brown's memoir has once again disputed the former PANTERA bassist's claim that the book contains passages that were published without Rex… I'll sit up here and write lyrics or I'll come up with a different change here or whatever, and I can just be by myself or listen to piece of vinyl and go, "wow." Rex: Fretless is always that challenge for me. Rex:  Absolutely, man! The Official Rex Brown of Pantera Reverb Shop will also feature: A Spector RXT Prototype #1 bass that Stuart Spector made for Brown in 2011. Joey Sturgis Tones teams up with legendary bassist Rex Brown of Pantera to bring you his classic bass tones you’ve come to know and love with a JST twist. And the way Stuart (Spector) made those old ones, I don’t know how they are now, because I haven’t played any new ones, but it fit. Rex Brown PJ System $ 299.00. It’s all I do.

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